News Hotel guest falls 10 floors to his death after he went to...

Hotel guest falls 10 floors to his death after he went to enjoy the roof top view,

A hotel guest who had gone to the roof of the Dupont Circle Hotel to see the sights shortly after New Year’s was killed when he fell into a boiler shaft and tumbled 10 floors to the basement, according to the D.C. police and fire departments.
It took firefighters about an hour to retrieve the man’s body. It happened Sunday shortly before 2:30 a.m. at the nine-story hotel in the 1500 block of New Hampshire Avenue NW.

“It looks like a fall,” said Rachel Schaerr, a spokeswoman for the D.C. police. “He went up to the roof to catch a really good view.”

Police identified the victim as John Leonard, 23, of Herndon, Va. Schaerr said Leonard was a guest at the hotel and that he was on the roof with another person, possibly his girlfriend, the Washington Post reported.

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  1. Wanted to have a good view of the sky and went with a direct flight to that same sky(HEAVEN)..RIP to the victim!.what a pity!!

  2. Lolz he also enjoy the air before reaching the floor NB: check your back wen u are going for something they might be following you from village lolz


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