General Human Rights Lawyer Advocates The Need for Improved Prisons

Human Rights Lawyer Advocates The Need for Improved Prisons


Human Rights Lawyer, Collins Okeke, has urged the Nigerian government to take necessary measures and bring needed prison reforms and put an end to extra judicial killing. Okeke said that as much as progress was being made in the area of human rights, prisoners deserve a conducive and healthy environment. He stated that the government had made progress in some areas but had regressed in the area of freedom to hold protests. “There are no more rights to protests in Nigeria,” he said. Speaking on Channels Television breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr. Okeke mentioned that there should be a relationship between the prison wards and the prisoners, insisting that the prison should not be cramped. He said that the state of prisons in Nigeria made it looked like the government had forgotten the prisoners. Mr. Okeke said that there should be right to social-economic system which enables free shelter, food, amongst others. “Our criminal justice system needs to be reshaped,” he stressed. celebrating the Human Rights Day, Mr. Okeke praised the government for reforming the National Human Rights Commission.  

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