Entertainment News Celebrity Gist My Husband Has Not Called His Son Ever Since I Left Him...

My Husband Has Not Called His Son Ever Since I Left Him and Blocked His Access To Me, Tonto Dikeh Reveals


In a reply letter to a fan, Tonto Dikeh has spilled out some marital issues she’s having with her husband.

She claimed her husband has not seen her son, nor contacted her since she blocked his access to her.

See her letter below.



  1. Thinking through this whole drama of your marriage,would it be correct to say karma just had a revenge on you?!,I mean karma is one hell of a b*tch and brings back memories of when you too once was a destroyer of a married home.Anyways I wish you well and hope you find love once again!!

  2. Chai, Tonto dike you were one of the few celebrities i envied, but not anymore. I am not saying its your fault but you contributed too much by allowing social media to run your home. My advice is this, go back to where it started, you must find solution to your problems, God bless

  3. Then why publicizing it Tontoh. Your family issues should be kept private. It’ snot every thing you will bring out on social media to show or discuss…. Even up till now, I cant still believe that her marriage has broken up.. It’s so true that celebrities’ marriages dont last..

  4. Why did you live my dear, na wo for some guys ooo wating men want I don’t know wating women want, I don’t know, any ways I pray that you guys should find what ever you are all looking for. if is true that you live your husband oo because I don’t believe facebook talks any more.

  5. Oh no! This is not cool. How will he abandon his son just bcos u guys had some marriage issues. By the way, how did u expect him to contact ur son if u have blocked all access from him to you? He is not a magician

  6. Aaaahhh u were insulting Mercy Johnson that she takes in every year… Yours is different … U didn’t have the opportunity to give birth to more than one for your husband… By the way, why did u go back to music??? Hmm please don’t… Proudly Mercy Johnson’s fan…

  7. I was thinking ur case will be different but I was wrong……leaving is not de solution my dear. Who did u leave him for… U ve to fight, not physical fighting ooooo. But spiritual and stay in till everything is normal. I understand is not easy but can’t just imagine leaving my home for another woman. De no born her well. Unless de guy in question beats me. Dat is WHT I can’t take… Only on dat note… I can then leave, for de safety of my life. Hmmmmm…..

  8. Shikena Like it’s always said,what goes on in someone’s marriage is no one’s business…. They know what they are actually doing,very soon u will hear they have settled…. Only God has the solution to every marriages ups and downs So dear,i advice u seek his face and not mind what fans says. It’s your marriage not our marriage. Tenkio

  9. Hmmm, if wat am reading here is Wat Tonto said or did my dear u no try at all, I know that celebrities marriage doesn’t last but at least u learn from mercy Jonhson pple are waiting to hear story but she vow to leave acting to make sure she protect her home and she is very happy with her 3kids and husband ,,,,but u just but few yrs u broke up with ur handsome husband God gave u.. Can’t u pray, I know party and flexing will not allow u celebrities to go to church talk more of praying forgetting that all ur wealth is vanity upon vanity six feet.

    • You don’t talk to one in her situation that way 1. You carry fake gist cos Mercy Johnson is still actively involved in the movie industry 2. Who made you a judge of her spirituality? Concentrate on your own and if you care pray 4her not judge. 3. If indeed you are devoted or any better than she is you’ll know how best to handle situations like this. 4. You are not related to any of them neither are you a part of their marriage so keep and let them sort themselves out. 5. Remember it’s different strokes for different folks. What works for you might not work for another and things you might compromise another may not. I just pray they are able to sort out their differences and reach a compromise at least for the sake of their cute little boy. #MyOpinion

    • Mercy Johnson did not stop acting. .and please stop judging cause no human being is perfect..all she needs now..is our prayers..mind you not all that looks good in the eyes is gold…thanks and start bless

    • @ Shantel Chatmon and Chacha Sleek am not judging her for anything my dear sisters why I mention Mercy Johnson Okojie is bcoz her marriage is still intact not dt they are not having issues bt de settle der differences ,and I didn’t say she has leave acting i said she vowed to leave acting than to allow her marriage crash ,and since she got married no social media ve carried her news of marriage crashing ,that’s y I mention her, not even only mercy ,there is so many of dem that handle their marriage tight.. So my sisters wen I hear that Tonto’s marriage has crash I was not happy bcoz I love her no matter wat her husband did as a young couples they need to handle it well as a wise girl she is.

    • ure rit dear truth be told….bn a celeb has its own spirit and witout getting closer 2 God it ll be difficult..de cant hide frm media,de have no privacy again esp wen u make ur home public 2 facebook and other social network…any1 who is judging is cluesless nd bn sentimental

    • @chacha sleek she is not judging any1 pls read 2 understand b4 dropping bomb…dont read 2 attack learn 2 b patient nd u ll see wr she’s coming from….

    • some things re certain……. mercy was a crazy actress today she is happily married…itis her luck….omosexy has bin married for yrs…still acting itis her luck…before a grown up woman who accepted a very rich handsome man for marriage cud decide to live … u dnt knw wat she is passing thru….some of d men dnt care atall…..d one dat remain in marriage…still acting is nt cus they r a more wife material dat d ones dat left…they got married to d men who understands…..but i blame our female celebs for wanting to marry very rich men al d time,cus most of these rich guys dnt care if u stay or go….some of them r beast in their attitude towards these pretty ladies maybe cus they mak lots of money too,do u expect them to the detriment of their life to stay to pls u?

    • Let pray for Tonto first so that God change her totally. Don’t judge the husband. He tot he could handle Tonto craze bit hel no she had a relapse…if any of u have ever seen Tonto messing up after shacks of bottle and weed menh u will pray. for her… Secondly it karma thays playing out do you know that her husband was married to his first wife and left her 6months later to be with Tonto without properly divorcing his Yoruba wife. Yoruba jazz jam PH jazz..iyalaya won

    • Let pray for Tonto first so that God change her totally. Don’t judge the husband. He tot he could handle Tonto craze bit hel no she had a relapse…if any of u have ever seen Tonto messing up after shacks of bottle and weed menh u will pray. for her… Secondly it karma thays playing out do you know that her husband was married to his first wife and left her 6months later to be with Tonto without properly divorcing his Yoruba wife. Yoruba jazz jam PH jazz..iyalaya won

    • Let pray for Tonto first so that God change her totally. Don’t judge the husband. He tot he could handle Tonto craze but hell no she had a relapse…if any of u have ever seen Tonto messing up after shacks of bottle and weed menh u will pray. for her… Secondly it karma thays playing out do you know that her husband was married to his first wife and left her 6months later to be with Tonto without properly divorcing his Yoruba wife. Yoruba jazz jam PH jazz..iyalaya won

    • Ada, who tot he could handle who? Mmmmmm no woman here should pray to hav kind of tontodike’s husband. U will not understand. One thing in African society is when a man hav money. Everything about that man it correct. Becos, they think money it everything a man can hav. Any other thing does not matter at all. Even no one cares to no how that man made his money or the character of such man. I call tontodike a super lady for been with that man for even a month. I don’t no how she did it. She suppose to be given an aword for that. U will not understand only the people that no that man very well will understand what am talking about. An I don’t want to go into details becos it not my business. Mind you how u juoge people becos u maybe jouging them wrongly. Tontodike maybe stubborn, but let me remaind u that some people took some once husband an make them their own. Upon all the single men in the world. They couldn’t get their own but someone’s own. Their also not perfect. Is not becos of this is happening to her today. That will make u guys call her names. An forgotten that no one it perfect not even u an all the members of ur family. Becos when u look around ur family or ur friends u will see an realise that there is someone who hav done more than what u think that tontodike hav done in life. U people stand up an judge someone becos u think u can talk. It very bad for a lady like u guys to judge another lady as if u r a saint. Look around u an look fr were u r coming fr, before u juoge a lady like u. I no that old things hav pass away. But there’s no present without the pass. Plz what is going on with some ladies here? Talking without control. As if they hav no it all. U think tontodike will live her new home if all is well with her there. Noing the kind of lov she hav for that man. That’s the question u guys hav to ask before all this comments.

    • An ada for ur information, that man was not married. He was only in serious relationship before he met tonto. Which is not the same as someone who is married. U can be in a relationship an disided to let it go. Many people hav been in a serious relationship that did not work out at last. So do ur investigation very well before putting it out here. An stop saying what you don’t no. Before god anger will com upon u for saying lies against someone.

    • If u never experience any marriage b4 pls don’t judge, men’s re not the same..nd dont

    • Nd don’t judege tonto cos she is stubborn, if u don’t knw stubborn woman love nd care for man d most.. They love with there whole heart nd anything that happen in there home depends on the man ..abeg make una mind una business

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  11. chaii….Tonto u started evry tym….nd also block he asses to see u nd nw u are complaining, y plss sort ur family issies

  12. Take your issue out of social media, if he didn’t beg or call for n you love him. Swallow your pride n move close to him. His your husband before its too late.

  13. Both of u are not serious, ok my advice tonto go married buhari if dat young man is not OK for u nonsense.

  14. I really do love you Tonto, infact you were my real model And I always believe you were different from other artist but not anymore. Your family is your secret so I can’t see why u allow your family issue to be discussed publicly ,my darling Pls try and settle things with your husband okay? Don’t worry God will strengthen and encourage you on what to do.

  15. I really do love you Tonto, infact you were my real model And I always believe you were different from other artist but not anymore. Your family is your secret so I can’t see why u allow your family issue to be discussed publicly ,my darling Pls try and settle things with your husband okay? Don’t worry God will strengthen and encourage you on what to do.

  16. Men will always be men for you leaving your home is not the best decision marriage is for better for worse, is all about understanding please go back to your husband.

  17. Men will always be men for you leaving your home is not the best decision,marriage is for better for worse, is all about understanding, please go back to your husband

  18. Can she stay in marriage, stupid woman after insulting a follow woman and daughter mercy johnson …. Law of carmal has catch up with her…

    • Uju Eze Barthlomew, you’re the stupid one for meddling into what does not concern you. The lady whose daughter was insulted has made peace with Tonto after she made a public apology to them so why bring it up? Was it your sister or daughter that was insulted? You’re calling her stupid cos she’s angry with her husband at the moment…. You’re also married, let your husband do to you what was done to her and let’s see you applaud him nd get him a very special gift since its noble… Madam be careful especially when you’re not wearing same shoe… #BeWise

    • Uju my wishes for you is to marry the kind of tontodike’s husband. But if ur married ur husband will start living the kind of tontodike’s husband life style. In jesus name amen. As u no how to get involve for something that is not ur business. Mercy Johnson older sis.

    • @Shiela Okeke you Talk too much.. You said, is not my business, then, why talking, what is your business too?????? ….tonto PA… weldon!! … I dont waste my precious time or give attention to useless and fools like u and idiotic Shantel Chatmon!!.. What ever u wish me, I send it back to you….!! Goat!!

    • @Shiela Okeke you Talk too much.. You said, is not my business, then, why talking, what is your business too?????? ….tonto PA… weldon!! … I dont waste my precious time or give attention to useless and fools like u and idiotic Shantel Chatmon!!.. What ever u wishes me, I send it back to you and your generations!!! …. You will never (if married or yet to ) experience peace in your marriage in Jesus Name Ameeeen …!! Goat!!

    • Kill yourself ooh Uju Eze Barthlomew! You’re a low life nd not worthy of my time. Idiot idiotic is that all you have to offer? Go get some sense! You really are in dare need of that. And as for the gibberish you wrote abt my marriage, I’m happy to inform you that you’re already a Failure! Go do better things with your time and while you’re at that, work on your diction. #I’mOuttaHere

    • Wheather na fight or guarrel no one…. I repeat no one ……shuld ever talk anytin rubbish against my mercy johnson cos i so much love her…. Shikina….

  19. Tonto go get sited in ur husband house nd stop jumping ups nd down……datz marriage for u …..do u av a gud advicer at all?

  20. people (not only celebrity) uses social media to show ow dey feel,tink,wat dey wear and we as nigerians need to stop dat….dere is alot of “bad belle people ” hovering around #justsaying

  21. When God is not in the family and Satan takes over then it will all be so mysterious, reconciliation is what I pray now

  22. I hope u heard urself right, u blocked every access to u and u r complaining that since u left his house he has not called his son. Abeg. Tell him to reach u tru my line

  23. let me come an be going,they think marriage is sugarcane,its for better or worse,leaving ur marriage when he did not send u away,means u r tired of ur home ,coming back will be hard for u cos u left by urself

  24. In those days,people would get angry whenever anyone picks up their diary and pries into their private life but these days,the opposite is the case,they post every damn thing about themselves on social media and even get angry when no one clicks like on the posts

  25. All those actresses sef wetting dey work dem, They would marry today and leave tomorrow. Rubbish.

  26. my dear as a married woman i advice you to go back to your home,and build it bc if you live another person will take over

  27. Eyaa wen all ur lyf z based on social media anything u want to dou will post,u will soon be posting on socail media if u want to poo and bath

  28. I personl put bleme to the man, he didnt even ask before he got married with that idiot so called tonto dike, tonto idike shame On u. Go and begg the young handsom Man,whiche World is proud of.

    • Obodo Ngozi are you calling a lady like you an idiot? How would you feel if same is done to you? Be very careful as life isn’t a bed of roses….

    • Ngozi or what did u say ur name is? U no what am wishing u in life is for u to marry the kind of tontodike’s husband. Or if u hav married ur so call husband will start living the tontodike’s husband life style. In jesus name amen. The people that no that man no very well what am talking about. That’s my prayer for u. As u r callin a lady, who u can never be one quoter like idiot. Stupid jealous animal like ur type. Can u imagine this vagabond callin tontodike idiot? My god, una don see were monkey de wear kotu? Nonsense.

    • Lady’s be very careful. If you don’t know what to say shut up and keep quiet. Ngozi what ever be careful don’t judge

    • If u love him go and get him and stop calling her names cos she is far better than u, u are a big fool amebo

    • What do u expect the man to ask about Tonto? What is Tonto’s weak.point DAT made u say such?

    • she even referred to him as a handsome young man,i think she is crushing on him already but srry gal he can’t be urs….lolz


    • Una go just come here come dey fight for people way no even no una, or ready to see una na waooooooo

    • Plz it doesn’t matter whose fault it is you didn’t have to display your lack of good upbringing by abusing her, abi you want the guy? Sorry for you

  29. Pls stop criticizing her, if at all d rumor is true, she has a better reasons for doing dat. Most of u are not even married so how will u kn d challenges dat comes wit marrying d wrong person.

  30. I blame you when you day look for pikin why you nor leave am you don see who go answer your name na

  31. Marriage no be by force ooooo.I don tire for all diz Nollywood actress Wit diz marriages joor. At leat Una don wear d gown nd u get certificate

  32. I wonder why everyone is blaming her, even if she was a bad person before, but she has repented and chosen to be a good and faithful wife to her husband, why then did he cheat on her? Is a pity that almost all the ladies are supporting the cheating husband, but put yourself in her shoes, assuming you are married and your husband you were seeing as a decent and God fearing man cheat on you, how will you feel?

  33. Assuming is Tonto that cheated on her husband every one will start calling her a harlot and even advice her husband to divorce her. But when men cheats nobody will call them names rather the woman involved will be adviced to forgive him and put it in prayer. If the husband is actually sorry for what he did, he should repent, apologize to his wife and bring her back.

  34. I be wan say when u dey upload pics every 2nds, disturbing social media, instead of u to keep ur relationship private u no wan hear, see Omotola,we no dey hear any fyn, See joke Silvia, see mercy Johnson, see Annie, we no dey here any fyn, if them buy u car my boo got this one 4 me,he got my back, if them buy u watch, he is everything I got, if he buys u pant, boo that, na social media u dey marry,ur husband doesn’t post much that’s maturity,ur husby neva talk u Dan dey share d prblm on social media..Madam keep it to ur sef,all u need big sis is maturity,I be wan talk but it’s none of my business sha

    • You’re right about one thing and that is “It’s not your business ” and talking about other celebrities you mentioned, yes they also do the posting thingy…. That is never a yard stick for measuring a successful marriage, it only takes two people who decide against all odds to work together in pursuit of their individual goals. Marriages of people who don’t patronise social networks still break.

    • But Atleast it hasn’t broken yet,hers is Jst too young, am entitled to my own opinion, she is Jst Immatured,i knew it from the start,it more like she is trying to proof to her exz that am finally married,if u followed her up, there was a Tym her husby got her a car which she posted online and her ex replied, that his current gf watch is more expensive than the car her husband Jst got her.. It was all over, Tonto is not being matured, marriage ain’t Nollywood,she is a Celebrity she has to stop publicizing her life,Bcos there life is public enough,Esp wen it comes to marriage ish.Tiwa same thing happened,dey should all learnn honey, social media has destroyed so many homes ,esp when it comes to Celebrities.

  35. It is well Tonto Dike, marriages is full with ups and down, agreement and disagreement, sad and happiness, just hold on whatever is for you will always come for you. Perseverance is a virtue…

  36. Amarachi some men r unpredictable, mmmmm u never no what marrage gives until u get into it. Mercy Johnson or not. Men r different, some u can torrolat them, but some u can not. No matter anything, u can not make them to change who they really r. Not even money or ur personaliy can change them. Believe me I no what am talking about. I would hav say something here, but no. Becos, it not my business. But let me just say this. I thought that, tonto knew that guy very well. An can live with his life style. But now I no that she did not no him at all before getting involved with him. I don’t want to go into details but it going to be had for a guy like him to settle down with a lady. Is not ganna be easy. Becos of his fantasy, it different fr some other men. It not that his a bad person like that, though. I hav not met tonto in my life but I no that it be had for that man to settle down with one lady. That lady hav to be a lady who can understand an acept his fantasy an his life style. Any body that no that guy very well will understand what am talking. Anyways gudluck to them becos everything in this world is possible. Never say never. But plz, stop judging an compering her with other ladies. Believe marrage it like a pasul, a gift to someone an when the person opens it. What ever u see inside the pasul it what u take. So stop jouging her only her no what she saw. May God help them.

    • U are right ma God bless you maybe u tell them more because they don’t know anything about marriage

    • I love ur comment keep it up, every thing about marriage is patient ,hunnn is good to appreciate your hubby but not too much on social media, it gives room to alot of tin Physical n spirituals alot of people are out their they need ur down fall ,the wise One will always ave a low key show up ,pls n pls Tonto u dnt need all this u need to fight for ur home, with prayer, n zip ur ? lip, dnt discuss ur issues with friends, family n etc, packing out can nt sove any problems, n u need to b submissive ,dnt look or listing to what people we say go back to your husband’s house n put on your wedding ? ring, your husband is a wise man e keep silent looking at your stupidity n for away to nail u down finally,

  37. This is what happen when people rush in life…. When things is mean to be, it will but at the right time. In the other way Tonto is juz foolish for using Internet and even adding more salt to her wound instead of keeping it personal… So can she tell me how many of her fan has helped her after all her mess

  38. Many people blaming tonto , can not even get a man to say i love you, not even say i will marry u, you have d godz to call her namez.

  39. Many may still be in wonderment why all these celebrities do not last in their respective marriages. It all boils down to the foundation of these marriages. For one thing, I blame more their husbands. Why? These men are always with more than normal expectations when approaching them for marriage. These women are mortal beings too. They interpret a script in all their movies. So expecting them to be the same spotless and unblemished house wives in their real marriages is a strive after wind. When marriage is built on fantasy than reality it sure ends in catastruphic divorce. In view of this, I think it will be a total different issue if we start seeing all these celebrities as we see other women. As for the women, I blame your unbriddled longing for a life-in-paradise in your marriages too. Compatibility comes not from material things neither do happiness comes from there too. These are essentials for any marriage that must last long. Sadly, none of these women pays attention to this fact as acting has corrupted their reasoning. To them, it must be the same with what they interpret on sets. It can never be. Until these women start marrying to poor ones like me they are still prone to future marital disappointments.

  40. infact,i don’t knw wat to say,marriage is not easy nw,and also it depend on ur behavior and attitude concerning ur marriage….. but I believed there is nothing my God can’t do.plead with ur husband and settle down with him…cos there is nothing outside….stop flexing around,cos I knw DAT is wat u celebrities do,for d seek of ur son

  41. I don’t like this at all, I pray that God Almighty will bring back this wonderful union in Jesus name Amen

  42. I really don’t believe this, it’s just a fluke, Tonto is full of stunts. Pls dear Tonto Dike, marriage is for better for worst, don’t just walk out of marriage without trying to make it work, no one has a perfect home and kindly don’t let the media ruin your home biko! The Media needs content to sell and it will not be the negative content of you ijn! I am a die hard fan of yours and I always pray for you.

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  44. Nigerians will not kill me oooooo u people can lie ooooooo Abeg she is still wit her hubby ooooo….

  45. focus on yhur marriage,haba,yhu blocked his access to yhu, how do yhu expect him to reach,pls be realistic

  46. Tonto y,u must be crezy for liv ur husband house,what for dont allow two people to hear this ooo,go back to ur home and be with ur family ok

  47. Hmmmm,just dnt know Whr to start nd wht to say,God pls continue to bless ur daughter mercy Johnson to stand gidigbam in her marriage, let all dis shaking marriage no go close to her in Jesus name AMEN

  48. tontoh .u better go back to ur man.bcos u exposed ur husband to d world..all the praiseS..gifts, love he shown u.u brought them to d media..u didn’t keep ur marag out of media..go back to ur man.most men cheats.marag is endurance, prayer.patience.. ur man is rich ,handsome. that every woman will want to snatch..I wish u goodluck

  49. tonton,u contributed a whole lot to ur marag trouble. u were being childish.like a child that was not trained with money.u brought all the praises, gifts. love ur husband shown u to d media..u better go back to ur man.and manage ur home..ur man is handsome, rich,that every woman will want to snatch.marag is endurance..most men cheat no perfect man out there.so far ur man gives all u want.go bac

  50. For d word to be better let d rich recognise d poor, cos u never can tell wia ur hapinex will come frm

  51. Please Tonto go back to ur husband, marriage is for better and for worse, that make u a woman OK.

  52. tontoh caused most of the trouble in her marag.by bringing all d praises, gifts,love her husband shown her to the media.better go bac to ur husband marag is endurance,Patience. if u are leaving bcos he cheats.then u are deceiveing urselfs.bcos most men cheat..ur husband is rich,handsome. that every lady will not mind to snactch…plz go back.pray..

  53. tontoh.no let that man go ooo.i dey warn u oo.u fit no see man like dat again oo.hold ur husband tight.figth the battle with prayer.endurance. patience. it will work.except ur eyes still dey outside..nothing dey outside wey ur husband no get.sweetheart go bac plz.

  54. U r a fool. After all e advices pple gave u? U will regret. Let that guys girlfriend go now. She is free n enjoy e man to e fullest

  55. What really do some women want? You have a prince charming ,rich capable of giving heaven on earth ,a loving father yo your your child and you go a head and leave? Am surprised, A good wife fights to keep her home in prayers and in her deeds, I wish I had a man like that in my life, I would clean his very feet and tender to his needs as long as he’d faithful and not abusive ,us single mums can only pray for half of such men, When we were only blessed with sperm donors ,men who don’t even know the coast of a single dipper and yet beat their chest that they are fathers out there, sad but anyway we’ve picked ourselves up and are now doing great with our kids,In short am saying if God blesses you with a good husband ,a good home, children and financial stability struggle to keep it together, don’t just throw in the towel because you can.

  56. come Tonto u better go back to ur husband house bikokwa make u no come de drag husband with us ooo single girl never see husband marry not to talk person wey don marry b/4, abeg no come cause confusion here ooo b/c they don already count us biko

  57. Tonto I really admire you and love all you share about your marriage before this difficult break-off,u know you are hurting right now and you have the right to cause you are human but please don’t take to social media it’s the wrong way to go please,God will show you the way

  58. My dear Tonto, settle with your husband bcos all men are the same, know perfect marriage in this life , every home have their different problems

    • I disagree with you dear… there are perfect marriages, the ones with God as its foundation. “For every good and perfect gift comes from God” Yes there’ll be disagreements buh they can easily be resolved.

  59. Please can someone help me tell Tonto to go back to her husband n tell her not to expose her husband weakness in a social media,tonto Pls. Leave friends alone n concentrate in ur marriage

  60. Any marriage that God is not it foundation will do same….nomatter how beautiful it looks or attractive.

  61. My dear Tonto please a beg u go back to husband u already have a son for him dat is enough reason not to leave his house go to ur husband and be prayerful and trust in God almighty marriage is a challenges u are facing your now God is your strength

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  63. i advice u go back don’t leave ur home for another woman , prayer is de key, go back home biko nne, for u ngozi & co ,take it easy ooo don’t judge her let her be

  64. Which woman on this earth that’s marriage to a man alone, either you are first or second. If you are staying with your husband only you at home but know in your mind that there’s someone else somewhere that’s men for you. Stop gossip your selves my dear sister’s that’s not the best thing to do. Prayer is the key pls.

  65. If you are not married u don’t have any right to comment in the issue, wait until you are married, leave in ur husbands house for 60years without a problem with him den u are fully qualified to judge her but for now shut ur mouth up

  66. Every happy home u are seeing today, is God that is helping them, urs did not have problem does not mean u are perfect. This life is a battle, My sister Tonto U have to fight 4 ur place and take over, don’t allow any woman to take ur place. ur marriage is having some issue does not mean God is not with u. Pls go to ur husband with all humility and retify d issue. God bless ur home.

  67. @obodo Ngozi wot is ur problem why are u calling her names like dis? look wot her husband did was not gud.tonto didn’t do anything ok

  68. tonto is a woman if u are on her shoe u will did wot she hv done . bt tonto dear u can’t live ur hubby house like dat please go bk & handle everything to God

  69. Churchil and tonto,one thing you should know is that people can never change from who they used to be, but people can actually adjust to something much more better. Were you thinking you were getting married to a saint? Look here woman! tolerating excesses makes a union stronger, Go back to your home and build it stronger ,yes little walls must have gone apart, thats the trial times that is innevitable, stay put and block the holes with the word of God,Look here man, ask anyman in a happy home how he made it, he will tell you he stood put with just one woman as God commanded.I join my prayers with those praying for restoration.

  70. U people are not ashamed,just look at mercy Johnson,always happy with her family,she is the only one I trust looking at her u have seen her heart very pure.

  71. The money they should give to poor people they will waste it on wedding at the end of the day this is what we get mtcheeeeew

  72. So sorry dear, the lord will perfect all to suit u in the name of jesus. Dont give up keep praying for him, he is ur husband.

  73. Shame to u tonto dikeh, i know u will not stay cos u don’t want to b under ur husband , ur excuses is irrelevant , i give my one and only mercy Johnson for the respect she have for the husband .

  74. My dear,there is no perfect marriage right from the time of Adam.Even Abraham a friend of God faced difficulties too.l would advice go back to our home. U were d only woman d whole world knows as his wife. Don’t allow street women snatch ur bubby away from u.Believe me u ar his wife.Pray as good wife prays for his husband don’t giv up.even if u have money to care of ur son he needs to see u people together n return respect to u as a son to his parents.

  75. On no account should a lady leave her matrimonial home because of issues of infidelity…..

  76. My dear if you are born again before what you need right now is to rededicate your life back to God but if you are not pls just be born again because marriage is God covenants to us just look for a solutions

  77. My dear u can find a way to restore ur marriage it’s all in ur hand to makeup bcoz ur d woman of ur house, girl do not allow other woman to run ur hom for u,,, I no u might feel u wish u never had been in dat marriage bcoz of some dispute u might be having now buh also no dat thr s no perfect home but u can make it perfect,,, God has given u d strength dearie and I no u can do it u can restore ur marriage again,,, rmember ur baby is barely 11month dearie ur child n mine had d same birth month and I had been following all ur post ever since then,, girl I no is dat ur still young n vibrant to let ur marriage 2crash let others envy u til d end make them see dat reconciliation is d key to every marriage, make it work again forgive all even thou it hurts remember our men needs petin,pet him n he wil giv u all dat u want honey..


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