Editorials “My husband rubs ‘Anointing Oil’ on his private part before we have...

“My husband rubs ‘Anointing Oil’ on his private part before we have sex”


I am barely 10 months into my marriage but I am finding it hard to cope with my husband’s sexual prowess and strange behaviour.

I met him in the church as a deacon many years back and he was a dedicated member.

The first day he professed his love to me during our ministry’s 10th anniversary, I didn’t think twice before I accepted him, because he was known to be my G.O’s right hand man owing to his dedication to the work of God.

Surprisingly, since we go married, whenever my husband wants to make love to me, he would rub a strong liquid, which he claims to be anointing oil, on his manhood.

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Whenever we are done making love, I will be feeling some strange movements in my womb, like ants. I would be having stomach aches for days.

Each time I complained, he would tell me the oil is performing wonders in my womb.

The last time, I asked him to tell me the origin of the anointing oil or he won’t make love to me, he said our G.O gave it to him, that it has been blessed.


He claimed the holy oil would help me get triplet. As we speak, I only see my period twice in five months.

When I told him I will no longer take it, he left home angrily for six days and his phones have been switched off.

I am sorry for bringing my family issue to the public but I am confused, what do I do?



  1. He’s having anointing sex, so you could name the child ANOINTING ••••Lwkmd•••

  2. Is because u re a virgin cos u so tight and he sooooooo big. As a man of God not cause u pains

  3. I’m sure he has his reasons, is better you confirm that from him,cos I don’t he has anything bad in mind.

  4. If u re not comfortable wit d situation madam, pls ask him questions. Or re u afraid of ur husband. Dis does not call 4 any poblication 4 god sake.

  5. My sister ur husband na deacon he needs an anointed child that I’d why he rubbs the…hm

  6. Maybe he is trying to anoint his would concieve children.. I ve heard dat when trying to conceive U should pray with ur hubby before sex cos many things happen in d realm of spirits at dat time

  7. To b realistic,u need to take it up spiritually,pray abt it or even consult oda spirit filled men of God abt it…..we CNT b sure of woteva d anointing oil is all about,bt like u said u alws feel strange afta he meets u……..nva take it with levity hand…..no one can b trusted… Not even G.O of a chrh ……sorry if am too raw

  8. My dear,run for your life. Move out and seek to know the meaning. Go to MFM or RCCG or other good men of God and inquire into it. There is more to it than meets the eye.

  9. The only person that will give you the answer or reason of what you are asking is your husband,why don’t you ask him before bring it to the public

    • @ Liz Kaleha, remember de man in question is her husband not her boy friend, she suppose to ask him and he suppose to give her, his answer if it is genue except there is something to add to dat.

  10. My dear sister please be happy and let the devil be ashamed…U sabi how many women love the way your husband dey do..ANOINTING SEX PLUS ANOINTING *DELE INSIDE ANOINTED *VICKY EQUALS ANOINTED *ORJI….. Oya let your mind begin to unravel the ANOINTED PUZZLE!!!

  11. He wants to have Holy sex. Sometimes, when I try picturing how men of God behave during sex I just laugh.

  12. May be the hood is rusted so he needs to grece it before the penetration so they wount be any holds up on the high way may be sha oooo

  13. Mtshew! Lwkmd’, What If Na Aboniki He Rub D Tin, Na So U Go Post Am?! Chai! I Still They Wonder Land O…

  14. Meeting one in church and got married to, is not a guarantee for a happy marriage. there’s more in to this..I advice you go for counselling or you talk to your family about it for directions.

  15. U can click this link to register….http://www.ecooperative.online/register/deborahkalu2016

  16. I advice u swap d oil with a real anointing oil without his knowledge den u guys can have sex den see if he will notice

  17. dear is not too late to think before ur life goes.dat oil means something ,so move fast before ur family cry for u

  18. Anointing oil for smooth and easy Penetration mayb u r always dry each time he wants to cum in.. To avoid injuries let him continue

  19. May be he knows hw is doing DAT u may ask him while doing DAT before u people having sex

  20. For better for worst just pray unto God cuz u didn’t before going into the marriage but is never late for Jehovah to see u true anytime anyway and anywhere thanks

  21. That is wat we call Anointing sex so pls wen u get pregnant nd give birth just name ur baby Anointing oil

  22. It’s simply, tell him you want an annoiting oil free sex at least once in a while, does he mean he can’t perform without it, besides u need to pray seriously so many things are happening who knows what his real intentions are, no matter how hard it seems it’s better to be alive and healthy.


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