Entertainment News Celebrity Gist I Don’t Have Close Friends in Nollywood- Omotola Jalade

I Don’t Have Close Friends in Nollywood- Omotola Jalade


I Don't Have Close Friends in Nollywood- Omotola JaladeAward-winning actress, Omotola Jalade opened up to Chux Ohai on her relationship with her colleagues in the movie industry.

According to the actress, she said “I don’t have close friends in Nollywood. Everybody is my colleague. Maybe it is because I live very far way from so many people in the industry. Secondly, I’m not very  good at visiting people. I don’t have that kind of luxury.”

On if her daughter will get married at a young age, Omotola said “I don’t care much about it. I don’t even want to think about that because I got married early. What I always tell people is that all fingers are not equal. The fact that I got married early does not mean that my own child will get married early. My mother didn’t marry early. So it is not hereditary. But if my daughter wants to get married early and I like the guy and If I see that he is responsible enough, why not?”

The actress also talked about getting married early, she said “If I hadn’t been married earlier, I probably would not be by now. I don’t know if any other man would have been able to handle me the way my husband has done. It is not because I am a bad person. I am actually a very strong woman.
“At a point, you might become so confused and wonder if any man will ever love you for who you are. But, if you are not a very grounded person, you too can contribute to your own problems. I consider myself to be lucky to remain married.”



  1. you dont have to say that keep such comments in ur heart even sometimes u need not so close friends. a tree cannot make a forest ooo


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