News I Make 10k Daily but Take Home N500 cos I Don’t Own...

I Make 10k Daily but Take Home N500 cos I Don’t Own the Shop _ 10 Year Old Barber Tells His Story


I Make 10k Daily but Take Home N500 cos I Don't Own the Shop _ 10 Year Old Barber Tells His StoryNow we see a thief really has no excuse for his deeds except maybe laziness.

A ten year old named Lekan is a school student who earns a token after his schooling activities.

The amazing boy also called ‘Clipper Boy’ shared his story on how he chases his dream without ditching school.

Lekan works in a barbing salon, makes a sum of ten thousand Naira daily (N10000) but goes home with only five hundred Naira only (N500)

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He gives the barbing saloon owner 95% of the earning as he is not the owner of the barbing saloon

Yet this ‘setback’ does not deter the boy who aims to own his shop in future.



  1. Wow! this is so serious and heartless. A small makes N10k daily for u and the only thing u will give to he boy to tak home is just N500? Not even N2k but N500. Why are humans so like this

  2. the story of this boy is going social media a lot of lies have been include in his story, thanks for for bring the real story of this boy.

  3. You should let your talent speak for you. Source for funds from people. Talk to your parents or guardians I’m sure help would come.

  4. Pls why N500 out of N10k daily? Is it bcos he is a small boy? Dont worry boy, just manage and be collecting the N500 and be saving it till one day, give ur parents all what u have saved to help u to open a barbing salon if they will listen to u and do what u asked them to do or try changing to another centre or shop where ur skill will be appreciated… God bless ur hustle

  5. all of u say heart less know forget say owner of shop go buy fuel, repair gen, pay shop rent ,pay light bill ,repair clipper, buy disinfecter,hair cream,powder, and yo u don check how much be the total for month end 15,500 you work for company their profit be ten million but you salary go be 50000 when you are working you don’t expect up to 5% of what the make as your pay.

    • You’ve no point.. 500 on a daily basis isn’t fair enough.. he makes 10k per day?? How much are these bills you listed, 2days job covers them all.. that’s why Nigerians die for peanuts in factories

    • anyhow talk if na normal job man na so u go take dey give am percentage? d percentage is supposed to b 60- 40 cox na him tidy d work

    • To me his jt cheating d innocent poor boy, if is an adult or a family man can he accept that kind of offer capital “NO” daily basis if we don’t calculate Sunday with d boy is making like 228k in a month and d boy earning 12k monthly out of 228k haaaaaabaaaaaaaa 4get he d owner will pay bills let call a spade a spade if truly d boy is make up to 10k daily basis as dey said o,d own is a big thief “OLE NLA”.

    • So if the boy no come work, the shop or utilities bill can’t b payed, u my sister that’s wickedness, am into d system nd cn never pay him such an amount

    • Bros u go stingy I learn how to barb when I finish my waec my boss never gave me that kind of shit when I know how to barb from 7am to 8pm 500 haba

  6. In a week u make up to 60k,and u are given 3000,this is serious ooo don’t worry this will be a story some day,God will remember u soon,I mean very soon ijn

  7. Don’t look at the 500# but look at the future cos life is all about experience. Most of rich people or well known passed one or two challenges before they got where they are today. Just be humble God fearing and trust in God cos ur tomo will be greater.

  8. People are so greedy they don’t want to start small and grow big. They wanna collect big pay even starting small forgetting that this young man will have a success story to tell tomorrow.

    • It not the amount of money, but the blessing of God is upon the little boy…see the world is now talking about him.#that’s uplift meant

  9. I don’t believe this story cause i know how much my barber is taking home daily basis which he doesn’t make up to 10k per day, so make God punish whoever that constructed this lie.

    • It’s 100% possible… Am a lady, but on low cut, where I barb in shop rite is 1k each. Pple even seat to wait for their turn. Imagine how much those guys will be making daily.

    • Not only shoprite. Just that his own shld b around 500_800 but trust me when I said u va to wait for ur turn d guy is good at it

    • Is very expensive… For ladies on sharp low cut. At Aba, I went t we’re I normally fix my hair,low and behold a lady on low cut with small curls waz begging for 2500, waz surprise. So , is real

  10. Haaaaa, #500 out of #10k nah inside mega plaza d shop dey, d owner nah big thief jt cheat d poor sch boy, but I expect d boy parent to go & do proper agreement wit d owner of d shop, abi nah inside shoprite d shop dey?

  11. This boy has been interviewed already on Toke Makinwa’s show and am sure well-meaning Nigerians who love hard work will do sth to assist this boy.

  12. Why are sm ppl so greedy for Christ sake!!!! 5h out of 10k? Even d devil can’t b happy with dis news… Mtcheeeeew.

  13. 500 x 28 working days is 14 thousand naira monthly. Plz my dear it is okay by me just adopt the habit of saving your money and pray to God to bless the work of your hand. As for me your boss is not heartless my dear it is pure business if you don’t like it you have the choice to quite. I wish you well my dear

  14. No,no,no,no. 500 out of 10k, this is so unfair or is it because he is a small boy. Can he give 500naira to an adult when he knows he makes times 20 of that amount, I pity him and his barbing salon that day.


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