Viral News “I’d Pay You With The Money He Gives Me” – Read This...

“I’d Pay You With The Money He Gives Me” – Read This Shocking Conversation Between A Man’s Wife And His Side Chic.


This is really shocking though… I wonder how some ladies can be so heartless… Be so happy to break a home, all thanks to their sexual prowess… tsk tsk tsk.

Read this shocking conversation between a man’s wife and his side chic.




  1. I blame the man in all of this, you are unfaithful to ur wife, u talk bad about her with the girl u are cheating with so what do u expect? The annoying thing is if it was the other way round now he would have sent his wife packing by now

  2. Mhu d man try very well and d girl atlst d woman marry she is not lkin 4 a man 2 marry so she pass her wt dt even if she is a pig.


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