Entertainment News Celebrity Gist “I’m a Killer When It Comes to Fashion”- Bobrisky

“I’m a Killer When It Comes to Fashion”- Bobrisky


Bobrisky who attended the christening of Waka queen Salawa Abeni’s grandchild took to Snapchat to share the above photos.

Updating his fans via the platform, the cross-dresser said,

“I’m a fashion killer, my Bae can’t cheat on me with anybody.”



  1. Pls can someone tell this bobrisky of a *thing or wateva, 2 shut d hell up! U guys should stop taking him as a celebrity

  2. And who cares? Pls, u guys should stop taking him as an important person 4 crying out loud!! He is a DISEASE and a big disgrace

  3. This Bobrisky guy sori gal don dey famous pass even celebrity dem, all dis sites sef no dey help mater, always talking abt him.

  4. I swear they have used this guy’s shit.Yahoo boys have used his shit and am sure they must have used it to eat bread…..

  5. Yes, you are a killer when it comes to fashion, that’s why you have destroyed our style because you have no sense of fashion, Foolish fool

  6. Joblessness is really disturbing u…… U better think of something reasonable to do with ur life now dat u still have de chance………rubbish

  7. Angel Gabriel dey soak him Cain with crude oil…..dis guy/girl need deliverance….. Awwww his village witches re at work ooo

  8. Bobriskshit with his offensive body odor who even sabi this thing last year sef? Y are people making to feel like a celebrateshit? Look his rough face like grater my grand mother use in making ekpang nkwukwo monkeygoat!!!

  9. The devil that teased Michael Jackson till death is working on you,my brother. Think and repent before he finish you,o.k.I have borrowed you the money i had.Jesus can save and deliver you.He’s waiting because he loves you.

  10. Get out make I see road abeg ahh!!!.person go reason beta tin diz one go cross my line.man woman


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