Art & Humour Photo Of The Day “I’m not your boyfriend’s mate” – Lagos Bigboy brags to Nigerian Ladies...

“I’m not your boyfriend’s mate” – Lagos Bigboy brags to Nigerian Ladies after spending N800k on clubbing


A popular Nigerian Big boy, Obonky took to snapchat to brag about how much he spent at a club

In the post, her captioned it ‘I’m not you boyfriend’s mate… You dig?’ after he spent N800,000 in a club.

He called himself “Warlord’… Which is synonymous with what Internet fraudsters call themselves…



  1. lolz!! 9ja..i wonder ow diffrent would people act if dey couldn’t show off on social media,,,would dey still do dat?

  2. The way you spend money on unnecessarily things does not make you a big boy, so telling us you are not our boyfriends mate because you spent 800k on clubbing is very true. You are not their mate, they are mature than you and you are being childish.

  3. @GistReel Something is wrong with the guy. He should compare his cassava not money. I have my own money.

  4. Lookat his face. He doesn’t even look fresh & healthy. Bruh, use your money to take care of yourself not for trash

  5. See this dude. What is the source of his money? He is not working but he is spending so much that it can pay my school fess twice. I’m sure this guy wasn’t born into a wealthy family. He got this money in one suspicious way or the other. Because if this guy worked for this money, he wont be spending it this much for just clubbing..

  6. Some people are so poor, all they have is money.. U are poor wen u don’t have sense U are poor wen ur don’t impact positively in others U are poor when u don’t have brain. Grow up Man

  7. Just 800k and you are bragging come to owerri and see where ur follow guy is spending 7.4million in just in just a night club so my friend go and have sit and use ur brain is a common sense

  8. Yes o u can never be his mate, because u are senseless and he is sensible, the thunder that will fire u we come with doctors prescription once daily ,twice a week, twice at night, abeg who get Nokia charger

  9. You can’t compare ur stupidity with their maturity. How can a boy like u who isnt working or doing one good business or the other, spend so much like this just for clubbing? This is so childish.. Sha, u have too much that’s why. Can’t u use it to sow seed in the lives of some individuals out there b4 u start comparing with some people’s boyfriends

  10. Pple spend more than this on code with out telling pple they did it,so my brother you are fucking poor okay. Hahahaha see person when ball 800k see face the na poor goat when juju or God help he dey show him self now

  11. His it a prestige that you spend 800k in a club when u can boasts of an investment, my brother you are still a learner

  12. All this guyz they spend a lot were did they even get this money in this hot condition, i hate braging bcos it may lead to wat u dnt expect u will do e,g robbery

  13. Just continue, do it lik 2 months den we wil knw hw far nd hw rich u r .FOOLISHESS DEY WORRY U

  14. First of all Thunder fire you!!..Who your life epp as a boyfriend?…You dey bragado on top 800K when some people spend double of that and don’t make noise!!..Well you now have the audience that you crave but your senseless way of getting it is what is baffling me!!!..What an idiot!!

  15. Lol guys epp me see diz guy 800k naira oo wer don lose value wer yhu dy wer Bryant makikk buy $100k drink for begger so dah em go sell start business yhu poor Gee!!!

  16. Just 800k?? A guy spent 7.4million at Cubana night club Owerri and you are making noise over 800k, my friend collect back chair.

  17. Dis guy na idiot come owerri and hw ur fellow guy spent 7.4 million for cubana without making noise

  18. You see that money can help someone in need and set up a business but you just waisted it for nothing and still have mouth to talk

  19. Thank God u didn’t say husband meaning u are still in bf level if not married women would have given u d beating of ur lyf tru dia mouth so gollibe u are lucky idiot of d year

  20. 800k for clubbing? Kneel down there! I say kneel down!! Close ur eyes,now repeat after me, ” every mumu demon that has been masturbating with my sense be drown in river niger” wait for TB Joshua for second deliverance service! U need christ in ur life bro! Extravagance aint nothing to boast about

  21. that awkward moment when amadioha will be presenting ur brain as offering instead of oji…kolanut

  22. Is an adiot him stolen that money him clams he say is a yahoo boy he can not work money with is hand and spend just like that this is how them behavi yahoo lazy adiots boys

  23. If I slap u honestly ur Brian will reboot times. U need deliverance. Kneel down oya receive sense

  24. Small boy try and get sense, wat is 800k? lol aply wiz cz u neva meet spenders in d street yet no show off………………………………. Ur money na Audio

  25. Of cos my boyfriend is really not u mate. Ur brain and his brain no b mate…he knows how to spend his money wisely

  26. This is very funny, people that brag like this are those people that are just newly coming out of poverty. Poverty is really a disease. Lol.

  27. Has your mother and father eaten? Do they have Roof over their heads (owned house) ? If yes then go ahead and spend the money that can be useful for your future children jaye ori e


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