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I’m Not Corrupt, I Don’t Have Any Budget Attached to My Office- Patience Jonathan


I'm Not Corrupt, I Don't Have Any Budget Attached to My Office- Patience Jonathan

First Lady of Nigeria, Patience Jonathan organized an event for Edo women and supporters of Peoples Democratic Party in order to garner massive support for her hubby, President Goodluck Jonathan in the forthcoming election.

The rally was held at Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium in Benin. At the event, PEJ said she’s not corrupt and she’s not holding Nigerians money.

According to her,  “Mrs. Jonathan is the first lady of this country. There is no budget, no constitutional rights. So if from tomorrow you hear Mrs. Jonathan is corrupt, am I holding your money? Are you giving me any budget? I don’t have any budget attached to my office. Go and probe my office. Go and probe me and see whether there is any budget attached to my office. Go and probe and see whether there is any money they send to my office. I don’t touch your money. Whatever I have, I struggled for it. I worked for it. I suffered for it,”

PEJ accused the state government of fixing the visit of APC presidential candidate’s wife, Aisha Buhari for the same date and venue as hers.

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Even though, Aisha Buhari was the first to book the venue for her own event, PEJ didn’t acknowledged the fact that the venue has been booked before she paid.

PEJ said “Edo people you need to be peaceful. APC is a party of troublemakers; abusers, propagandists. They heard that I was coming, they went to fix their own (event). If I hear they are somewhere, I won’t be there. They have not been bringing women, now they want to bring a woman because they want to make trouble,”

First lady also said “The days are gone when old people will continue to dominate. This is your time young ones. The youths are the future leaders and the old must give way for the youths. If Mr. President finishes his eight years, he will return to his house.Whatever he wants to do for Nigeria, he should finish it now. Others were there for eight years, so, it is our (Jonathan/Sambo) turn. Others have done their eight years, why is our own different? We will finish our eight years.”

However, at the rally, a policeman and two women fainted due to exhaustion. Also two suspected hoodlums were arrested yesterday, March 14, 2015, inside the venue for removing the banners and posters of the first lady while the event was going on.

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