Entertainment News Celebrity Gist ‘I’m Obsessed With Nigerian Men’ – Bonang Matheba

‘I’m Obsessed With Nigerian Men’ – Bonang Matheba



South African TV cum Show Host, Bonang Matheba was recently in Nigeria as she featured as the host of the Future Awards Africa 2015 alongside Darey Art Alade last week Sunday.

Her success and surge to the top of her career in the past few years has been met with huge recognition at home and abroad.

But still, Bonang, can’t be talked-about without mentioning D’banj in the same breath, as a result of the fact that they had a thing going on for each other, even if it was short-lived.

During a recent interview, the SA socialite dished on her aspirations, her relationships and most especially why she still prefers Nigeria men above others in Africa.

She aspires to expand her frontiers into the continental stage as she continues to take advantage of social media to push her brand beyond South Africa.

*Here are excerpts from that interview….

You are well known in South Africa for your radio and television shows, but in Nigeria you are relatively known. Who is Bonang Matheba?

I am a South African TV host and a radio DJ. I have a show on Metro FM and I do Mondays to Fridays 10am to 12 mid-day. It’s a fabulous show and one of the biggest shows in the country. I also do Afternoon Express which is my everyday talk show on SABC 3 and I also host a show called Top Billing which is the premium luxury lifestyle magazine show in South Africa.

I’m also quite a fashionista as I am big on the blogs and social media platforms, but in Nigeria, I am known mostly for my fashion.

I have been getting quite a lot of support from YNaija, Bella Naija, and Linda Ikeji. I am falling in love with this country.

What’s striking about Nigeria for you?

I have been here about a couple of times but this is my first official visit in a working capacity. I feel it’s the people. Everywhere I go, the weather is fantastic, the food is good but it’s the people. I find Nigerians especially the ones in Lagos a little more loving and little more supportive.

They are very spiritual as I can connect easily. They love family, they love food and religion. They are very spirited and strong in their beliefs. The fun, the night life and everything about them is incredible.

Another thing I like about Nigerians is they are very fashion savvy and I think that’s how I caught their attention and the bloggers are quite obsessed with my fashion sense and how I put things together.

In one word describe Nigerian men

They are tall glasses of dark chocolate and I am obsessed with them. They are so tall, very strong, dark and very gentleman like. That’s how I can describe Nigerian men.

Can we delve into that a little?

I’d rather we focus on The Future Awards and me being in this incredible space and being here for work.

Yes I know of my connection with D’banj but for now I’d rather we speak about The Future Awards.

With all these aspirations and your busy schedule, how do you make time for your personal life?

I don’t. I don’t even have a relationship at the moment. I am married to my work and my career and I think when that changes, then I’ll be able to have a successful relationship.

So you are in the work-phase at this point in time?

Yes! I am 28. And when you are in your twenties, you are to establish your brand and make sure you have the foundation laid and after that, you can focus on your relationship but my relationship is definitely my work as it takes all of my time. In the morning I do radio, in the afternoon I do TV then I travel frequently. So until I am settled, happy and content and get to a certain level of success, then I’ll find time.

How do you respond to backlash and nasty comments from social media?

I don’t. When I see them, I just ignore them. I hardly respond to anyone that is mean unless they catch me at a very bad time. I realised that when you ignore them, everybody else ignores them. For instance, I get 90% love and 10% hate , so I’d rather take that energy and focus on the 90% of the people who really love and appreciate me rather than focusing on that 1 person out of 10.

So that means you hardly respond to hate comments?

I hardly ever respond on Twitter and I have had quite a number of them and I hardly ever respond. I think silence is what wins you the war.

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