Entertainment News Celebrity Gist I’m Shaking in Tears _ Mercy Johnson Replies Tonto Dikeh

I’m Shaking in Tears _ Mercy Johnson Replies Tonto Dikeh


I'm Shaking in Tears _ Mercy Johnson Replies Tonto DikehEarly this morning, Tonto Dikeh offered a heartfelt apology to Mercy Johnson for saying hurtful things about her child. (Click here in case you missed it.

Mercy Johnson has responded with kind and heart warming words, stating that she forgave Tonto immediately she gave birth to her son King.’

She wrote,

‘@tontolet am shaking and in tears as I read your post.I have learnt the more this morning that the holyspirit is true,cus by him you were in my prayers last night and this morning.am in shock.

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I always heard of what an Angel you are.Please,I forgave you immediately King came because I knew that u would have understood how it hurt me.

I Love you and I am short of words now but thank you and trust me I wish so much happiness and peace.am already hugging you so tightly. it is well and Purity is Blowing you a kiss too.

My God Will Bless You and Keep you Ahead always. MAMAPURITY.’


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    • There is nothing in this life and I he greatest thing u can do us forgiveness forgive all things at all time BC u do not have ur life in ur hand the owner can make a demand of it when he wants. So learn to forgive

  1. Tonto thought that the world was in her pocket, but she didn’t know that nothing is what it seems. But thank God she have come back to her senses

  2. Crazy things people do… Its evident Mercy’s been hurting since then, and Tonto just decided to apologize

  3. lol that is why one have to watch what he or she says because the tongue has power…may be her child even looks like a witch as she told Mercy thats why she is saying sorry

  4. Because she has started seeing the other side of marriage, she now know what marriage is al about. Crazy tonto

  5. God bless you Mercy Johnson you are indeed a wife and a mother material. I love people with pure hearts

    • When someone apologise don’t insult d person rather appreciate d person, bcos it takes d Grace of God 4 some to do that, even d person she offended is very happy she apologised & ur here calling her nonsense lady as if ur perfect.

  6. Lol…. Mercy Johnson forgive she av retrace her step back n see where she av got it wrong… Forgive her pls… Bikonu

    • What makes u feel u. Always appreciate people when they apologise & b happy d person did just lik mercy Johnson is happy about it.

  7. mercy has always been a woman of honor, I love and respect her like my own blood sis, even De little time I spent with her was waoooo,,,,,,loving u mercy like #kilode#

  8. I wouldn’t call your child that you refuse to show us if it is a boy or a girl self only God knows a witch. Or make I call am names and apologize later? You nollywood actress and celebrity should copy simple steps from some of your fellows. don’t spread your linear pants outside for everyone you see. Is not bad to go and ask your fellow how are you holding your home strong? Even though there are lapses and weaknesses but yet couples like olu Jacob and Silva, omosexy even mercy j. And many more. Are among the wise ones go and interact with them let them do you cancelling. The foolish woman builds her house on merely sand its can’t hold, while the wise ones build theirs on a solid Rock. Kampe!

  9. That was how she called mercy Johnson a bastard, it unfair! We should always mind our tongue! If mercy Johnson isn’t a cool person, there would have been a great conflict. But thank God u have realise ur mistake

  10. Tonto did d right thing to apologise to mercy, No woman should call her fellow woman child a witch,, Becos God did not made a mistake creating being. .. Mercy thanks for accepting her apology

  11. I cried reading this. God bless and keep you two. Forgiveness is the key. If we fail to forgive others, God will not forgive our sins. Just as the Lord’s prayer “And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”. Am glad. Kudos to u two.

  12. Knowing ur mistake is one thing and taking a bold step to apologize is another thing, thank God U realised ur mistake nd apologized & thank U mercy for accepting d apology. Indeed ur a Mother nd lady with pure hrt. I love this

  13. Wen u luk at mercy u see just peace…a peaceful woman..that was how ini was attacking her for no just cause but I believe wen u r doing better than others in the same environment is only few that will love n b ur friend while others sees u as a threat.

  14. The first to apologize is d Bravest, the first to forgive is d Strongest, and d first to forget is d Happiest.. I believe a new day, a new year is always an opportunity giving to us by God to make it right before its too late..

  15. MJ thank u for the forgiveness my love. Just let her go with what ever she thinks that she is. Love u to the moon my love

  16. IT’S FOR REAL.GET HELP NIGERIA IS NOT A SCAM.hurry up before you miss out.its a platform where by you provide help of #5,000 and you get help of #10,000 in just one week. all you need to do is just drop your number in the comment box and you get added to their what’sapp group,where you communicate with other members.

  17. Tonto is too full of herself,she thinks she knows,she brag alot above all dat she thinks she’s de best but de truth is she is de least amongs de rest,luk at mercy,she’s selfless n very kindhearted… May de lord continue to shower his love upon ur family my dearest mercy.

  18. Mercy u are a blessing to ur family, and I known ur husband will be happy for having u as his wife.


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