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I’m Trying Hard to Get Exclusive Access to You, Tonto Dikeh’s husband tells their son, ahead of his birthday, as he confirms split


Tonto Dikeh’s estranged husband ,Churchill Oladunii has alluded to their marital issues in a birthday message to their son who turned one today.

He has also confirmed he is trying to get custody of their son.

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  1. Custody? Is he kidding! That child needs his mother… Its stupid u n tonto were too stupid 2understand what for better or worse means,now they drag the kid all over SM,so sad

    • Abi……..U dey talk as if he don snatch urs b4, u cum take rumour with uppermost sincerity…………………..abeg make dis woman rest no be everytin she go talk for public u no knw wetin she dey pass through, no judge her my brother.

  2. He has a beautiful wife and family, and because of his pa he distory his family with his own hand,if am to be her u will never have access to ur child

  3. Many people are jealous about this marriage and the kids should be the main reason the should not break up

  4. U two should sit down and talk to each other than bring your matter to the public pls, Tonto I don’t know what u are going true but as a sister what I can tell u is that all men are the same so take it easy with your husband because of your son, the next man u will go inn for may be ……… than your husband so sis pls take it easy and Mr pls take easy on your wife may be the lady u are also going inn for will also be ……….. than your wife. Some times rich people don’t take advice but pls I know u are not like does people so think about the little have said pls……….. Tnx

  5. Why are you bringing your messed outside for the world to see, pls settle it as matured people, and stop bring in third party into your marriage affair

  6. That little boy needs her mother, u don’t have the right to separate a child from her mother, u just bring ur wife out and live her in the middle

  7. But i tin say na lie be all these rumours. Som say dem no separate,som say dem don divorce! I no con no again oo. Pls tell me the truth.

  8. I personally detest divorce especially in a situation where an innocent child is certain to suffer the most because of the irresponsibility of two adults…

  9. Pls what ever it’s try to sit down together and have a tolk over it, no one is pafact, we all have our past and present, we made mistakes in life but let us don’t allow our own mistakes to overcome us. U have a beautiful son pls the baby needs both of you guys, don’t listen to what ever people are going to say, please work it’s out with ur husband the baby is too young, I will definitely put u in my prayers may the almighty God continue to protect and guide u through Amen

  10. Oga abeg if u dnt want Tonto to die b4 her time,just leave dat baby 4 her….dats d worst tin u can ever do to a mother

  11. Hmmmm. How many years marriage? Pls both of u shud remember the 1st love attraction. Settle ur differences for d sake of d little child.

  12. Am a feminist ok but the truth is can’t all this celebrity women try to be summisive to their husband or they have forgotten they are the builders in every home. If a woman must stay in her husband house they must know the reason of getting married then cool down for Jesus.

    • My dear it baffles me oh! Marriage is not a bed of roses. It has its own sour side & sweet side. That is why is good to marry for love, & u supplement it with prayers. U can’t expect ur marriage to be heaven on earth witout prayers. Two different people, with different background, different culture. It won’t be easy at d beginning but with prayers & God by ur side u will over come. Am really really feeling for Tonto honestly.

  13. Men don’t cease to amaze me..Mchewwwwwww….today, you are my only love…smh tomorrow they see you like a witch..m

  14. Tonto dike should go for deliverance, no be today her wahala start. She is surrounded with nsogbu nsogbu

  15. Don’t fool urself u can’t get d child custody because he is still under d age of being with d mother.

  16. These are few of d consequencies of becoming a celebrities, how u handle urs is left to u

  17. so sad, wish they could sit down and iron out the issues. they were a lovely couple. marriage is not easy so think twice before you talk about divorce please

  18. Where is your faith Tonto? you know I never like u before but when I heard u got married and u are also given your life to Christ Jesus ever since I begin to like u more than ever. Please stand on your knees and pray to God to bring back your husband. One thing u must know is Satan always step into every beautiful thing God has made and as a wise Christian, when it comes, prayers is our weapons. Please my sister pray as ever before. U had a beautiful family please don’t aloud Satan at all I beg u in the name God. Be the woman of prayers, temptations are there but we have the power to overcome it that is prayers. Please the child needs u both. Thanks

  19. So painful this couple could not celebrate their son’s 1yrs birthday d together. May God interfere nd give them peace.

  20. Sorry Churchill but u can’t have custody of ur son…. that baby needs his mom. U can’t do it… and even if u have people to help u cater for him, his mom is #ALIVE & #SOUND_IN_MIND so instead of trying to get custody, y don’t u try and patch things up with ur wife and be good??? Tontoh is winning hands down !!!!

  21. E don happen. U couple have totally broken my heart. Tonto dikeh I am disappointed in u upon all my respect for u. So u pple could not shame d devil. Now tiwa will feel accompanied. I hope there are no juju against artiste and actresses.Mercy Johnson up yoooo. U too much

  22. Please Tontolet pick your husband’s call for the sake of King. You cannot keep his dad away from him forever you’re hurting self so much by avoiding him. Try to adjust and take it easy on him everything will alright at the end… every problem has solution & there’s no problem that has no solution….Luv yea Tontolet&King-Churchill …


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