News “I was indeed harsh and wrong,” Professor Apologizes For His Outburst Against...

“I was indeed harsh and wrong,” Professor Apologizes For His Outburst Against 2Face Planned Protest


“I was indeed harsh and wrong,” Professor Apologizes For His Outburst Against 2Face Planned ProtestThe professor who spoke against 2Face Idibia’s planned protest has apologized for his outburst.

He admitted to being harsh and wrong. He claimed it’s the state of the country that made him emotional to pour out such against 2Face.

Read what he wrote below…

Good day brethren, I put up an update yesterday that incurred the wrath of some of my friends and the population at large for what some considered its harshness to another member of the Nigerian community. In hindsight I believe I was indeed harsh. I believe I am wrong to have come at him in the manner in which I did. He’s in love with our nation like I am and like the rest of us. It was in finding a lasting remedy to our national malaise that I believe my passion took the best of me, and it was in that regard that I erred. I apologize for that and I apologize to those whom my update affected in any manner. I was wrong and I am sorry. Thank you and God bless you all.

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  1. Dats matured of him.. its nt easy to admit u are wrong talk more of apologising…. Am sure Tu Baba has forgiven u already….

  2. Hmmmm think twice b4 u make comment on #social_media prof dis not a #lecture_hall_or_a_seminer

  3. It’s a free country, everyone is entitled to their opinions. No need to be bogged down to apology. 2face has the right to protest, prof has the right to criticize. Why do we bend too easy to others opinions too quickly? Where’s our balls that hangs below?…common na!

  4. He just want to be known,the proffesor that blast 2face that he is an illiterate n later apologized. Hmmmm wehdone sir .you are well known sir

  5. The man is only apologizing because he’s trying to stop other from exposing his deeds the more anuofa

  6. The first to apologize is d bravest, the first to forgive is d strongest and d first to forget is d happiest… Your sins are forgiven sir..

  7. Now dat he has realized dat he was wrong n apologized,its more matured of him….n I believe 2baba wil also be matured to 4give him too.To those who supported him saying 2face has no moral right to lead a protest,what wil they now do n what wil they hav to say……#ndimmaduself!

    • Those who.supported the Prof…have covered their face in shame! Make.dem sef apologize o!

    • Tubaba hv no case wit the man. He has nothing to 4give bcos he does not even know if d man exists. The man shld be d one doing the apology for displaying his educational arrogance on social media. Lolxxxxx

  8. I trust Nigerians, we never fail when it comes to issue like this. Try it and when they come for your head you will regret the day you were born.

  9. The first to apologize is d bravest, the first to forgive is d strongest and d first to forget is d happiest… Your sins are forgiven sir..

  10. We now recognise you sir…. One love.. We have forgiven u.. Now join us on this match..lets make Nigeria great again… Let’s make this politicians realised Nigeria is not their personal property… This is not fighting.. But 2face want to make a common sense..

  11. Keep ur apology to urself bcos we no even recognise u,2baba na legend home&abroad so go relax ur apology one side

  12. After you av finish 2baba with dose heavy n true words, now u saying u regret. Regret what? After you broke a plate, oya pack it n place it right…. Agbaya, agbajatijati…

  13. All of you saying 2face is right for the protest make sure you come out that day ooo…. Cos I know NIGERIANS it is only on social media they can express themselves not in REAL LIFE ..

  14. So I thought it was only we the youth that wants to be famous on social media but I was wrong! People wants to be known at all cost even if it means being stupid! Well done sir! We done Sabi you onya clap for yourself

  15. Lol yeye proff…u have gotten wat u wanted …publicity…at least ur rubbish talk gain u popularity… U now feeling like a celebrity now like 2baba…but 2baba still pass u in all level….poor proff…next time think well before u open ur educated smelling mouth…u r forgiven… Lol

  16. Professor without maturity, speaking wild like that of prostitute legs. God forgive you cos only him can judge

  17. Fools still talking about a dead country, keep deceiving urselves ,hypocrites !!

  18. Hmm u have turn away from ur sin, and ur evil thought against tubaba, now u must protest with us o.

  19. This is y we should always think before we talk not the reverse…so your yes will b yes n your nah will be nah..Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion of course.

  20. Whether you apologized truly or not, your ill words towards him is like “a grain of rice in a full bag of rice” undetected. It has no significant impact on his person, positive or negative. He cares less, Prof. Tu Baba is like every other human, he may have made worst mistakes but he sure is one of a kind. You have to be very close to that guy before you rain abusive words on him. He’s very humble and easy going. Lastly, as people of God who as well pray to God for forgiveness, on behalf of Tubaba’s family and I, you are forgiven. Go and talk trash no more!

  21. How does that affect the price of garri in the market? That’s how your kind go about harassing innocent students. You are in your comfort zone the plight of people is not your concern, your apologies is at the hedge of condemnation you got, not from your heart. We already know what you feel about him. Being a professor is not the ultimate. In a head where there is BRAIN much SENSE is needed.

  22. You must learn to think before you talk. A university degree is not all that makes a man.

  23. Sir..for your apology to be fully granted… You must join us in the peaceful walk protest!

  24. U are forgiven professor next time u know how to talk and respect other people view Nigeria belong to everybody not one person

  25. Yuh could have not gained recognition iff yuh didn’t do this..create another headline and yuh would start having much followers..

  26. Nigerian politicians are arrogant all they value is their personal property and their immediate family they do not care about others

  27. Has the cheap igbo you smoked that day u said all that nonsense finally cleared?? You disrespected mothers and their children and you also disrespected a father, who is only trying to speak out for people who’s voices are not always heard. What’s happening in this country don reach make somebody vex and yarn out loud. 2baba is leading the yarn out loud in protest, you join or fall out.

  28. This guy is smart. He actually want to get popular and discovered a cheap way to achieve that and He exploited it. Aim achieved.

  29. Dignity is like a virginity, moment u loss it you will never get it back. Is so easy to love again bt trust dat same person again. Hmmm dat will take much time

  30. Dis professor wnt people to sabi him,dat why he make dat stupid comment against 2baba,i will beg 2baba on ur behalf, I sabi 2baba he will listen 2 me

  31. join icharity with just 6,000 and make 30,000 within a week,don’t worry about your downline,the group will provide for you.just register via the link below

  32. Professor who doesn’t know his left or right is like a dog that vomit and went back to the same vomit and…….

  33. Are u using legend 2baba to popularized ur name? Next time don’t come on air to vomit something that doesn’t concern u, go and think of something to write as a book, that’s what other profs. do to get money

  34. na true my dear who him epp, d bean has already been spoilt whether he support or not d protest my go on

    • The professor shouldn’t have called him illiterate. . that’s all. He apologizes anyway.

  35. U re here claiming dat u only said dat cos of d condition of the country..if u really cared About hw bad the country is faring..y wud u raise abuses on an innocent person that took up the challenge to fight for the right of the country. If u so cared about the country u wud av bin supportive of his plan an not saying senseless things out of ur frustration. You think it’s easy to take up this challenge!? Nonsense. If to say people support u now u for apologize?

  36. Eyyah!sorry Oga prof we understand u went under fire for saying it as it is without mincing words

  37. Mr proffesor, thunder fire you for being so stupid and senseless……… ……I’m sorry for the insults, i apologize,

  38. Be in the lead and join the protest that is the only condition to accept your apology,action speaks louder than words. Lol….

  39. Maybe since you entered Facebook no notices your presence am so sorry you have tried alot

  40. Too late. A whole professor like you should have looked before jumping, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Now is 2face no more an illiterate? Has he also become your fellow prof. overnight? # Naughty professor.

  41. Erudite Prof supuuu. Is’t only you that knows how to speak English and judge people. Anyways you have learned ur lessons

  42. Think twice before you take any decision to avoid implicating your self, you called him an illiterate but you sounds like one.

  43. How did he even get that prof of a thing? To me ur apology means nothing to us a fool at forty and over will always be,is with this ur attitude u stress students up and down in ur school, knowing the truth but doing and supporting evil, God will punish you and all others that are like you in this country, oh you think you will get political appointment by opening your idiotic mouth against the man tubaba who feels and share d pains Nigerians r going abi? If you support this buhari govt you will die too ,you that sleeps with students anyhow and still collect bribe from them to pass them that’s abusing someone,shame on u professor of wickedness

  44. Medicine after death! At least u ve gained the cheap popularity u set out 2achieve.

  45. Apology accepted by me. You are a real man for you to realize your mistake and apologise. God bless you Prof. I rest my case.

  46. Shabi yhu won da famous… Congratulations man…Nigirians are talking abt yhu…Buh in a bad manner

  47. How did you become a professor? What exactly is the offence of 2baba that you degraded him like that? So you want to tell me that you don’t have your own shortcomings and past negative life too…….now you are saying you are sorry…you better be sorry for yourself because as a professor you can’t initiate a protest in the interest of the masses but as an illiterate that you tagged him he is doing that… tell me who is the illiterate here? Crazy professor looking for cheap popularity…2baba…..nothing dey happen!

  48. That’s your own problem, bcus I bliv 2baba no send u…. You have gotten d fame u wanted…. Go n use it 2 collect money in d bank. Mumu man

  49. The Bible said my people are dying because of lack of wisdom. And our professor here is a good example.But all the same, go and sin no more.

  50. Now u are apologising…. I hope u give DOS students who might av made a mistake or two in your class anoda chance too

  51. Oga!,if 2say u b small pikin ehn,me personally will so whoop ur ass u wuld literally beg God 4 an angel…..i ve so over looked dis post buh 2day i choose 2get it off ma chest n forgive u….”Change dats wat we want,dis is hw it begins…..we r wat we create n want!

  52. Who even kW this attention seeker sef…only trying to gain the attention of people yeye man

  53. I pray people show up opponents, even my best friend say she is going Sophia Mabilo. I will wake her up on time.make she no sleep 4get


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