News Indonesian woman flogged publicly for having pre-marital sex

Indonesian woman flogged publicly for having pre-marital sex


A woman got a sad end to her ‘sinful’ decision to enjoy the pleasures of pre-marital sex when she was dealt a brutal public lashing of 26 strokes.

Along with her lover, she was forcefully caned in front of a crowd as sex outside marriage is against the strict Sharia law in Indonesia.

The whipping was done on the public stage in front of a mosque in Indonesia’s Aceh province which is the only province in the country that still implements the Sharia law.

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Aceh is the only province in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country, that is allowed to implement Islamic Sharia law.

Under the law also, men and women, who are not married, are not allowed to get too close due to the ‘khalwat’ offence – and punishment for offenders is public caning as well.

Her lover was also dealt the same 26 strokes



  1. Wow! I kinda love that. I dont knw why partners have sex b4 marriage. Cant they wait till they are legally married? Bcos he is ur partner doesnt mean one must defile the other b4 marriage. Any man or woman who can’t wait till after ur marriage should vamoose or be poured cold water to quench the fire burning in him or her.. Lol

    • And I guess you’ve not ?????befr that u are running ur mouth like diz o. No disrespect

    • Excuse me and mind ur business over here ok? I’m saying what I feel like saying and wat I know from fact. So, if u can’t add up, why not give me space. Thanks

    • Then u should be beaten for every act of sin u commit, cos no sin is greater than others .Jesus said he who be without sin should be d first to cast the stone. Not supporting them thou, but they shd ve bin left alone they only defile there body

    • Na u know oh omolara. I’ve said my own and that’s wat I knw. It’s not all country that do tolerate such nonsense…. Many unmarried people are fond of doing this…. So, for me, they deserve to have a thirst of the purnishment small

    • @David, so u haven’t heard of case where married man & married woman are doing it, with the knowledge that there spouse does not know, so what makes the difference. Conscious I think is d great judge, what do you think

  2. This law should be actualize in naija, what am I even saying lemme keep quayet before somebody knock me with comment… Naija wey people they nak demself outside in daylight without same, even a guy ll invite a gal to his house while his parent resides greet his parent den both go inside n preach for he hours… Who ll beat or talk…

  3. Nice one, atleast these will serve as a lesson to others, i wish this law will be implimented here so our people will change, its a sin in Gods side

    • Then let God be there judge, u have no right to point fingers at anybody while you have ur own at ur cloth tip. Looking at an opposite sex is also a sin

  4. I hope a supervisor is being kept in every home each to monitor those having pre marital sex Or better still no hotel should be erected in their country Iberibe

  5. It’s very annoying reading comments from people with actual Christian names supporting this very useless & barbaric law. When you commit fornication, it’s a sin against God not man, why should a fellow man that you don’t know if he does same flog you publicly? I mean, this is total busheeet

    • Baba moses,u dnt read ur bible ni,its written in the bible that they should be flogged openly

    • Check ur old testament of bible it was said and I quote “if a husband discovered his newly married Wife is not a virgin such woman shall b stoned to death” also this pre marital sex shall be flogged… But most of u guys problem is that u claim d old testament is old while d New testament is genuine forgetting that d word of God cannever b old cos he know d past, present n d future

    • Herbibullah: If the quotation which you have just cited is from Bible, it is very important that you back yourself up with the chapter and verse. Infact, I beleive stongly that your citation is from Koran bc the Bible has nothing to do with flogging and stonning. Both are against Christian tradition.

  6. Some here are just runin their mouth like lose tap, kickin against what they are sole beneficiaries, for the we country we dey talk any how.

  7. Wait ooo na government law abi na tribal law mtcheew wating i dey talk sef is not my business buhari we need change i dey go protest.

  8. The story of Mary Magdaline in the bible is a clear evidence that this law is radical Islamic inclined & has nothing to do with Christianity. Mary Magdaline was brought before Jesus, accused of adultery & about to be stoned to death. Jesus told her accusers that if any one of them has never sinned, let the person be the first to cast stone on her. Jesus bent down and started writing on the ground. Before he could raise his head, all of them have left one after the other. He then turn to her & told her to go and sin no more. The irony of this story is that those people who appropriated such punishment and those that were assigned to flogg them are not holier than them. Vengance is of God & not human because we have all sinned & fall short of God’s glory.

    • Mary Magdalene wasn’t de prositute but the woman Jesus cast out 7 demons Luke 8:2 and also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases: Mary (called Magdalene) from whom seven demons had come out;

    • Thank you for your correction. The incident that I was actually referring to is the case of ‘adulterous woman’. I can be found in John’s gospel 8: 1-11.

  9. i hope that that kin 6f low will be pass in nija. but who fit do am. even the low maker are doing it.

  10. if ur doing it, just be wise. but it is not good and even if people dont punish on this earth, God will.


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