Editorials Top 5's 10 Nigerian Celebrities And How They Lost Their Virginity

10 Nigerian Celebrities And How They Lost Their Virginity


These Nigerian Celebrities have at one time or the other granted interviews, to reveal their first se’xual experience.

Some of them did it consensual, i.e Uche Ogbodo, some where tricked into doing it i.e Ice prince, Peter Okoye of the duo PSquare was seduced, Omotola Jalade lost it to Her Husband – Capt. Ekeinde, Genevieve Got Pregnant at 17. .etc.

Here’s is a compilation of all their interviews, compiled by Lalasticlala of 36NG          .

Read Their Experiences below…

Enjoy The List of 10 Nigerian Celebrities And How They Lost Their Virginity

10. Actress Uche Ogbodo


..said she lost her virginity at the age of 20. Recounting her experience, she said:

“As I said earlier, I met my first boyfriend at 20. I came from a Christian home and was trained by Christian parents. My father made sure we imbibed the Christian values and this helped me very much in my career as an actress.

I actually thought that as a Nollywood actress I was ripe enough to have a boyfriend and this will make me feel more sophisticated. I did not lose my vir’ginity to an actor, you know.”

“I did not stumble on losing my vir’ginity, I was ready for it and I knew what I was getting into. “I was ready, I felt like I was ready to bring the world down. I felt like whatever it is, bring it on.”



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