Entertainment News John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Headed For Divorce?

John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Headed For Divorce?


John Legend and his new wife Chrissy Teigen are reportedly heading for divorce.

According to Mediatakeout, the couple are only better on the outside — but always argue and disagree at home and other private places.

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    John Legend and new wife Chrissy Teigen are the picture perfect couple on the outside.. but we just heard from an extremely well placed insider – that the two are already headed for divorce. According to a top insider, who worked on a show with Chrissy – the two constantly argue.

    Our insider explained, “John would come on set and talk down to Chrissy. It’s messed up because she’s such a happy person. I hated watching him treat her like that.”

    And we spoke to another insider [not from the show] who tell us that John has “disdain” for Chrissy. The entertainment BIG WIG explained, “He thinks she’s annoying, and I sense that he might secretly have disdain for her. I don’t know why he would marry her – if her felt that much animosity towards her.”

    We asked BOTH ENTERTAINMENT INSIDERS whether they thought that John and Chrissy would last – both said NO. The person who worked with Chrissy told MediaTakeOut.com, “I’d be shocked if they were together by the New Year.”



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