Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Joke Silvia and Olu Jacobs celebrate Valentine’s Day (Photo)

Joke Silvia and Olu Jacobs celebrate Valentine’s Day (Photo)


Veteran actors and couple, Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva marked Valentine’s day together with this adorable selfie taken at an event.

The couple have been married since 1989. And they are blessed with children.

Recently, Olu Jacobs was asked why his wife still bears her maiden name, Jacobs answered: ”

She is her own individual. When I met her, she was an actress known as Joke Silva so why should marrying me now deny her and her audience her name. She is Miss Joke Silva who is Mrs. Joke Jacobs. It is as simple as that. People now begin to say what they like. They have even written that we are separated and all sort of stuffs. When she is working, she is Joke Silva but she is Mrs. Joke Jacobs at home.”

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  1. D day u married her, her name authomatically changes, she can stil bear her maiden name but urs supposed 2 b added.(Joke silva Jacobs)

    • My dear we know but adding it wil not spoil anytin, we hv many actresses that added up their husbands name. But na their lives. Just my opinion

    • But whether she changes her name or not. Her marriage is still standing. Compare to those who changed their names and no where to be found in marriage any longer. I beg leave the woman alone and let her be. Changing of name is not what make your marriage meaningful I beg.

    • Vera n fisher both of u are right. Is not something to argue about. She suppose to add her husband’s name, But if she decided not to… she is still Mrs joke silva Jacob

    • some name change brings bad luck to a woman…. more so the husband no dey complain, the man free his wife and they are getting stronger everyday..I dey your back jare mummy J.. Shine in

    • Mercy nothing wrong wit people’s opinion, what’s ur own business replying me, why not pass.

    • It’s nothing to insult each oda on, it’s high time we grow and stop insulting ourselves and accept our differences. I wonder why we like to insult ourselves on social media. None of us have met with each oda anywhere. So why fighting Mercy Unekwu Akibu and Vera Ngozi Vera?

    • Nd wats ur business if a woman choose to use her husbands name or not was DAT wat d post was about @vera Ngozi vera . the post was abt dem celebration Val’s day so I don’t get were d last name tin is cuming from. Nigerians always want to luk for sumtin to talk abt

    • No need to fight, d husband explained it all ready so stop wishing she bears d name or not. Everybody has there style

    • This Is only traditional belief… Bearing ur husband’s name doesn’t still imply that you are submissive or perfect help meet or respectful to him… It doesn’t even add anything to the happiness or durability of the marriage …. This is sheer hypocrisy, madam!

    • Immaturity is ur problem @ Ace & Victoria bcos in my post I didn’t insult her or anyone just my opinion but ur here wagging ur mouth instead of airing ur opinion in peace. Na u need work.

  2. Understanding matters in watever we do. Olu jacobs understand his wife,not all men will agree to dis

  3. Is that your family business? They understand themselves n that’s all mind ur own business my dear

  4. Olu Jacobs is one of the people i respect their marriage in nollywood, all these young celebrities that experience marriage crash should go to him for counselling

  5. Some wey change to their husbands name where are they,,,abeg leave them…As long as the husband is ok with it who cares

  6. Changing of Name is not always advisable what if things don’t work will you keep changing your name at every stage of life.

  7. These young actresses of now a days when dey marry immediately they change dia surname how many of them dey carry d surname for long? Divorce wan finish dem, I beg understanding is what matters than flaunting husband surname up and down and not knowing the meaning of marriages. God bless u and yr wife sir

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  9. Olu Jacobs, man of wisdom, full of experience. Your wife your friend not property. You will always be a role model to a lot of persons.


  11. Olu Jacob is a legend , I do surprise him because of his level of performance in the in the Bollywood industry .

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  13. Powerful couple who are the envy of all other celebrity marriages that have crashed….

  14. Since the woman is humble and obedient to the husband so what? Name has nothing to do with their marriage, it is understanding chi ki na.

  15. I stil tink she shud ans her hubby name ateast add it to her names bt den its non of my biz just sayin…

  16. thank you olu for dis understanding how i wish dat other men outside there will understand, surname is nothing but just alphabet what matters most is love.

  17. Surname is a recognition to a person wen been married or adopted to certain family or the other. While marriage is a product of understanding between both parties, a virtuous woman is a crown to her husband sir olu jacob love is wife nd they ar both happily together till date.

  18. Together foreva,i jst op young couples will let go of dir ego n jst determin to mak dir marriag work

  19. So many women change their names to their husband’s and end up breaking up after sometime.for years,God has sustained these ones.so why should name or change of it be an issue?

  20. They are the perfect role models when it comes to a happy marriage in the Nigerian movie industry.May God bless your union

  21. Oya where’s TotoDick oh am sorry I meant to say Tonto Dike and co that rushed into marriage & are not ready to tolerate & endure oya make ona com go learn courtship 4rm Mrs Olu Jacob, u fink marriage is a bed of Roses???

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  23. Silva or jacobs o- I respect u. U r my mentor. U stil av ur home together. Young actresses of today wil be marrried for six mnths and they r already filing for divorce ridiculing themselves on social media. Jaye ori e jare mummy joke silva jacobs

  24. Supported. May god continue to bless ur marriage nd bless ur home ijn amen. Kari de go de go mr nd mrs olu.

  25. Dia shldnt be argument here again nw, its all depends on individual differences as simple as dat

  26. I so much respect you,for your words of wisdom,u are a great role model whose marriage should be an example to young couples and actress who have bcos of little issues like this separated,God always bless your home,continue to explore

  27. Her name has changed from her maiden’s name to Jacob starting from the day she was married to Jacob

  28. God ll bless ur union sir. Actually other cultures may have different traditional theory regarding a woman changing or keeping her last name after marriage. Though the holy Bible does not specify it , if you have time read Genesis 2:24 and Ephesians 5:23 . Olu Jacobs trust his wife and the woman is a nice woman too, dat is y they both agreed on dat. Please allow God to rule ur home


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