Viral News Jungle Justice: Another suspected car thief beaten, burnt to death

Jungle Justice: Another suspected car thief beaten, burnt to death


A middle-aged man has been brutalised and burnt to death for allegations of attempting to steal a car.

The suspected car thief was pictured naked and bloody from the beatings he received before he was thrown over a ruined car and burnt to death, Instablog9a reports.

The incident which is no longer shocking, reportedly occurred in Obudu, Cross River State.

The identity of the victim is yet to be confirmed, making him another victim of the menace which is quickly becoming the norm in Nigeria.

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In a similar occurrence, another suspected car thief was reportedly beaten to a bloody pulp in Abia state, while tied up like an animal.

May the soul of the deceased rest in Peace.



  1. why did u burnt him can u create him why can’t u lif him till d day of judgement

  2. Legos pls remember that the God that create him also create u too. Jungle justic is not the proper way of life. U only kill. Not create. One day ur brother or ur sisther will be invole an the same people that born that man will also born ur sisther or ur brother. Pls say no to Jungle justic

  3. I hate pple that talk carelessly even d commandment said it thou shall not steal i knw also thou shall nt kill bt in this area y did he attemp to steal if he havent stolen b4….jungle justice is the best bcoz it will put in fear in d eyes of people to avoid stealing

  4. at dis time in Nigeria u people still dey do dis to a guy DAT steal a car wat haf u done to does who steal billion dollars

  5. Human life. ….smh can a car ever produce a baby? Let’s temper justice if it be with Mercy as humans!#shalom #

  6. This madness in southern Nigeria must stop. Pple have no mercy at all. They dnt respect pple dignity, what has stealing got to do with stripping a person naked, and burning them alive. This is bad. All southerners call on ur kinsmens to stop this barbaric act.

  7. These criminals knows no mercy they can kill you just to get your car of 1,000,000 and go and sale it for 200k

  8. They burnt two thieves that very day. The shocking thing was that this very one was tajen to the police station but the DPO later released him back to the public for reaons known to him. It happen on the 23rd of December 2016, Along market road, Okwor street Obudu. Am not happy abt this at all.

  9. That’s all they can do but anytime the real political thieves walk the streets they hail and support them. Buhari really has a tough job.

  10. Comment:My dear @augustine nobody prays for evil to befall dem but also don’t forget dat ppl make mistakes.taking laws into ur hands is very bad.

  11. If i ever see dis for real.. All d apple involved will go to hell. Trust me wen i say dat.. Dey will regret d day dey were born… Dey are just worst dan d guy.. And is Nigerian police not seeing dis


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