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I Just Need One Night With Yung6ix, My Body Needs Him- Lady Cries (SEE VIDEO)


The lady in the video below is dying hard to meet Yung6ix. She said she just want to spend a night with the rapper.

The lady who wants Nigerians to help her current condition also said she needs the rapper in her body.

This one is strong!

Watch the video below.



  1. Ok… Ama help her…..tell her to come over, let’s loose the knot abeg….. Village witches have been hardworking lately

  2. Your mates are getting married you’re crying to spend a night with someone who doesn’t know you exist.

  3. Emotion and passion is not good at all look what this lady is doing to herself for someone who doesn’t even know her as a person. Hmm nawa ooh

  4. U don’t even think of getting marry but u use ur body to do promo for celebrities,if u finally got married u will nid a night stand wit ur hubby,s brother.useless girl.

  5. Bae y crying, calm down his my Fwend inbox me I ll tell u woa you see him…. Bitch

  6. Its too early to start this nonsense this year, we all knew u wanna be stupid and foolish throughout this 2017 but please stop abusing d privilege…

  7. Atimes …..I pray to God one mind not to give me a female child….that would be disgracing me….

  8. Come sister let me pray for you …..any ancesstor using your life to play nairabet i cast and bind

  9. Check it out well there are gud guys ready to date and marry her giving all they gat yet mumu de give her body free of charge all because of Celeb 9ja gals change oh!

  10. Women are always rubbing their self worth through dirts when you don’t respect yourself, how will others respect you

  11. Hahhahahhahahahhahahahhaha i told them she is possess,,they didn’t believe me,,,,,now itz obvious am right

  12. LoLz chiamaka the devil us using your destiny to watch premier league, dey waste your time, no go marry

  13. Haba sweety it’s not enough to cry na I love him too because he’s real, his lyrics are bomb and his style

  14. You are surpose to be awarded World Best Idiot. Kill yourself because of somebody that doesn’t even know you exist. Waist your time and career #FOOL

  15. my sister kneel down let us pray…my fada my fada..any oracle holding my brain shud release it for future use….she dey do promo..new year promo

  16. Dis one na big idiot….joblessness she Neva cry…next tym una go hear say she dy cry blood

  17. This stupidity is too good to be ordinary, it must be an inheritance from the pit of hell…… Nonsense

  18. This is what free data came do nonsense u think u are still young don’t go and get married

  19. Omoh If Anybody Kno Young6ix Mama,make D Person Tell Her Dat Death Is Lookin 4 Her Pikin In Lagos o,make She Come Take Her Pikin Go Village.’for Example,u Are Lookin 4 Me And Am Not Under Mapu’,(swagga L’omo)

  20. I can see she is not alright, ur body needs him while am here.. Sir #Gistreel just give her my digit… Ur even crying while am here dying of loneliness, babe think well na, it’s not good now… Vacant dey here for u, he don’t have time for u but I have my whole day for u.. Lol..

  21. ehyaa! Sorry for you. One is that you’re stupid, two is that you’re way too ugly for what you’re asking for…. He won’t listen to you. So forget it and wish for brain formatting…. Lol.

  22. Pray harder, you’ll get him, after getting him, you’ll go and give Thanksgiving for archiving ur dreams, remember to carry ur parents along for the Thanksgiving, useless, wasted sperm…

    • There’s only one word to describe her and Am gonna spell it out for her… S A W F T……

  23. Am not sure u were conceived properly and u were born from the wrong channel….. bend down now to receive senses cuz ur brain is seriously leaking idiot.

  24. Where is Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Kumuyi or even Pastor Christ Oyakilome….this lady need urgent deliverance please

  25. Emotion and passion is not good at all look what this lady is doing to herself for someone who doesn’t even know her as a person. Hmm nawa ooh

  26. So embarrassing, Nne biko control ur vagina Gold Tochi, Treasure Chimnonso, Opara Gloria.

  27. Her madness just dey start after she finish with young6ix next nw eriga after eriga nw shun babe nw kilometer go end am, Abi young6ix dick dey give everlasting life.

  28. Ode, you will not succeed. You want to bring bad luck to the guy’s hustle. Close your legs and use your brain girl.

  29. Ur nt ashamed of urself dat u want to be a baby mama, only God knows if u did nt add anytime to it, so dat if he accepts to do it, it wuld hang for him… my dear be useful wit ur life, some one might be planning to get married to u but becoz of diz u’ve lost ur husband, ur a disgrace to womanhood.

  30. Trap Queen…. This one is STRONG.. She needs to be slapped with an iron belt for her senses to return. Wonder how her siblings and friends be feeling like right now..

  31. oooh….dis sister is planning he to become his baby mama Dats wat I can see thru her… one night will turn to Evry day.

  32. Imagine, wat nonsense… U are dying to spend a nite with young6ix….dats ur main aim?? Instead of u to be dreaming of a better future fr ur self….wat u really need is a reality check…..cus am sure u are living in a world of fantasy…

  33. hm since d integrity of women has been sold to public market by women, what remain again? looking at dis how will men respect n regard women again.

  34. Ur body na ogbanje body please don’t go close to that young man before u destroy his Career shege

  35. Ah just wonda wetin dy for young6ix body were u won spend one nyte wit, no go hustle become celeb make guys dy always won touch u, mumu no be mama been born Yemi Alade, Beyonce, Tiwa Savage and odas, sidon dia dy cry young6ix

  36. Nawaoo some women can be so annoying at times, instead of thinking hw to achieve ur goals in ur life, you are here dying for one night stand with yung6ix.. Opportunist.. Mtchweee

  37. Yung6ix abeg ooooh some Nigeria girl’s there stupidity is getting out of hand, a girl begging for a night with a guy. arrant nonsense

  38. She needs to hear Linda ikeji’s women empowerment speech.. So she wud learn about being her own celeb and get men longing for her not the other way round …she thinks with her veejay not her intellectual mind…

  39. Na wah ooo wen other ladies r trying to be independent ,try to work hard n b useful, some one of dis age begs to spend a night with a guy..i hope ur mum is reading this too,

  40. My people have u heard of o-give.com? When u register with 5000 you get 20000 within 2days. Without referrals. Upgrade with 10000 to get 40000 in level 2. Upgrade with 20000 and get 80000 in level 3. And so on…. o-give.com is real an it pays fast for real!!!!

  41. Turn your self into celebrities it will be easy for you to sleep with more the six young celebrities fool

  42. Nonsence,desperate useless bitch.Big fool,u wil just see a man n wnt to hav sex wit him.Hopeless dog

  43. Then onoda man go cum marry u…. See hw u no shame u cum 4 public cum dae talk nonsense. If I had my way eh, I go jst becum eunuch jst bcus of d useless life wey women get.

  44. I don’t think the young man is looking for a Masquerade. Try one stray dog that wouldn’t bother about your masquerade face.


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