Entertainment News Celebrity Gist I Know the Father of my Unborn Child _ Actress Mimi Orjiekwe

I Know the Father of my Unborn Child _ Actress Mimi Orjiekwe


I Know the Father of my Unborn Child _ Actress Mimi OrjiekweDespite facing a rocking paternity scandal, Mimi Orjiekwe was ahead to release some lovely lingerie maternity shoot.

The Nollywood actress seems undisturbed with the ‘malicious’ rumours making rounds that her actor husband, Charles Billion, is not the father of the child.

Those who claim to know even alleged that their marriage broke up just few months after they got married.

Even though her husband has publicly defended the young lady and claimed that their marriage is still intact, Mimi had kept mum on the matter until Punch’s Saturday Beats reached out to her.

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In a telephone chat, Mimi said

“What people say about me on social media is not my business. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. I know my husband and I know the father of my child, so everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Maybe if they know who is responsible for the baby, they can come up with the person but in my home, we are all fine. We know who is responsible for the baby; we know the father and the mother. Also, my close friends are in the know as well. It is up to them to say whatever they want to say. I don’t think I should reply such idle talks because it is not affecting my happiness in any way,”

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  1. I just hope her husband is father of the unborn child. If not, then there will be a problem… #JustSaying

  2. Wait, are u trying to tell me that her unborn child doesnt belong to her current husband or what

  3. I can’t remember ever asking you for that information, pls madam the weather is hot. Abeg who get Gionee charger?

  4. Eyyaaa how many are they bcos if it was one person u wont borther telling us u knw the father of ur unborn child,

  5. Then with dis statement made by you, u re confused. A bitch ll ulter out that statement. Am sure some people around you must av been saying u don’t who impregnated you. Well sorry for you….

  6. so u re nt even married and you re about to bring an innocent baby into this world.may God ve mercy on you

    • DAT doesn’t mean if she s bringing a baby or not…wat mean s knowing d father, after all she can take care of d baby by her self….she s not a kid n she know wat s good for her….d question s who s d father of d baby???

    • a child suppose to be trained by both parent together. remember from d begining eve never gave birth or train her children alone.

  7. Oh my God! You really don,t knw because if u knw the real father u won’t borther to say this. But the truth is, u got fucked by many guys and that is why this statement is here. So out of the guys that fucked u, u knw the father. AM NOT JUDGING U BUT UR STATEMENT IS BASELESS.

  8. You guys should click on the link before you begin to judge! Ahah.. The way gistreel.com updated it isn’t the way it appears from her interview. We shouldn’t be in a haste to condemn people.

  9. Haba…. Dis geh I was told she looks like meh y all of una dey get is dat d new resolution make I know

  10. people have now turn the media into a useless thing imagine someone in her right sence saying such things

  11. U sure say na de person were u de tink??? Me am not sure sha oo bcz…..? Ur way no too pure. Na my mind I tell u so.make i go put on my I beta pass my neibour jen ooo


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