News Kogi State University lecturer allegedly brutalizes student lover (Graphic)

Kogi State University lecturer allegedly brutalizes student lover (Graphic)


A student of the Kogi State University, has called out his lecturer for domestic violence.

He alleged that the lectured physically abused a student he was having an affair with over suspicion of her cheating on him.

See the photos above…



  1. This man get this kind strength and we are looking for people to fight boko haram … All he need now is an army uniform… No gun, he can use his bare hands to fight..

  2. Are u in or around PH? You need to see this

  3. Even if he is the one paying her school fees,did he have to do that?The strength he ought to put into his lecturing to become a professor he is there using it on a woman.Witches have flashed this man from his village oooo

  4. Thus lecturer think it is only man that is powerful…. If he think so, let him come and meet my sister

  5. What concerns the lecturer with the student when it comes to love? He left what he is trained to do, to lecture, and focus is stupid mind on how to love a student. This lecturer is not ashamed of himself to an extent he went far as to brutalize the student. Nowadays, I just don’t understand what is d main work of lecturers nowadays in universities

  6. hehehehe all of una de clueless, VALENTINE is approaching,, nice tactic man hahahaha , later e go com beg, later she go com agree.. Ladies kwenu!

  7. What an apparent show of stupidity!!.Now you are on the verge of cooling your heels in a prison for a very long time!!

  8. Ur mate are in sambisa forest fighting boko haram, olodo lecturer. Pls d governor should tell him resigned honourably before is too late

  9. This type of thing is common in most federal and state universities. You will see a lecturer telling a lady he admires that if the lady doesn’t sleep with him, she will fail his course. Some ladies dont have any other choice but to sleep with them, which is what is making our educational system in nigeria to be corrupt. That lecturer is a disgrace

  10. Too bad Sorry for you. When u play with a bee, no matter how friendly it is to you, it might sting you one day

  11. This man is wicked oo, look at how he brutilized her like a prymary skul student even primary dey no fit beat them like dis, he should be sacked

  12. I never knew we still have women beaters , as educated as he is I think he should be ashame of his stupid self.

  13. Edward is d biggest fool i av ever meet in my life. But dis tym around he is not going to get away with dis baga


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