Viral News Lady exposes married man disturbing her on Facebook

Lady exposes married man disturbing her on Facebook


A lady on Facebook has exposed a married man who has been disturbing her for her phone number so they could hook up.

Vivvien shared screenshots of the chats she’s been having with the said married man.

A quick check on the Married man’s Facebook profile shows that he is indeed married with a Beautiful child and a charming wife.



  1. Hmmm… Since she knows d wife of the man, she should not hessitates to report the man to her so that later, the woman wont find out abt their relationship herself and hate the girl..

  2. fine, that’s serves the man right, now to u this girl,u don’t v to post wat u guys chat or even ur discussion her via Facebook, that’s y u have the “BLOCK” button on all social chat ,u would have blocked him instead of posting it Here do u know the gravity of what u have vdone,u want to spoil someone’s marriage, just for u to be called a good girl” to be sincere ur just looking for cheap popularity!!_ this is so childish, good for the man too,next time he will keep off from single ladies what m I even sayin in short both of them are fools!!!!!; but the man has the highest degree in Foolishness !!!

  3. Useless women, will she expose d ones she agreed wit other married men. Mayb bcos she dnt like dis particular man. Women are all dsame

    • Yhu are nt meant to say so…..she z useless cuz she posted wah a married man said to her…fyn she z nt meant to post it…if itz cuz she posted dah stuff z wah makes her useless den I bet u cn do d same wen u get married…fink bfr u comment if yhu gat nfin tangible to say juz read and scroll up its simple

    • Hahaha hahaha you are calling her useless girl bcos u don’t value ur wife if at all u are married. Hahaha

    • My comment has started affectin girls of d same feathers. U all are dsame. D ones u fuck u wont expose dem. Fools her mates are married wit kids nd she is busy exposin trash.

    • Is it about been married with kids…do you know what those people you refer to as her mates are going thru. It’s not about birds of same feathers say something reasonable n nobody will have any reason to talk trash

    • Thank God you have a mother n a sister, are they included. Because I can see that you are one of those men that don’t have respect for ladies.

    • Ur mother too are also included together wit ur sisters. U hv already showed ur lousy nd irresponsible attitude. I dnt hv respect for ur type. Get lost again.

    • As u can see, u knw how many ppl dat liked my previous post. Dey are reasonable women dat has moral value nd understands my point, nd nt u nd ur naughty frnds dat cum on facebook to show urself.

    • Oh now u say responsible women? After saying all are same? Watch ur statement man, if u no ur mum was never like dat then don’t use d word all

    • Hmmmm… Men that talk carelessly like this eh? They have no regards for any one, not even their mothers. I pity the unlucky woman by his side. Mtcheeeew good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • Responsible ones does nt mean dat all women will talk carelessly like u fools here. Dere are sum reasonable ones. Lol. I wonder why u bitches here hv low understandin’ Nd my mum can nt be on facebook exchangin words while she got sum responsibilities to do as a mother. U are dsame in terms of dat part.

    • She is nt d only one dat experience dat, alot of women passes tru dat nd keep calm so wats so special on d bitch. Let her use her time to luk for her own husband nd stop wastin her life exposin trash. Just like sum of u here.

    • But for the fact she didn’t use maturity by putting it online, same way I hate ur manner of talking, using d word “all women” and u like insult too much

    • Sorry for you Chidi Asogu….bcos your name is asogu u think u can fight all d time.. .keep d good fight o. Rubbish

    • Chizorom u dat wants to be involve in a fight u are blessed wit fight. Go nd tell dat to ur father

    • Chidi asogu or Wat so ever u call urself we knw ur type ok…. So, go home and fight ur wife and don’t come to public and disgrace urself. Rubbish!

    • Ugochi u talk like a dumped fustrated hus wife. Is ur type dat can kill dia husband. If u dnt hv any reasonable tin to do on facebook u better stop login in nd get urself a life. Fool

  4. Serves d man ryt though..but she has also brought shame on his wife and kid by posting Dis..she went too far…how will his wife show her face..too bad

  5. It’s a big lie, if the man is wealthy enough, she won’t say no. What concerns girls of nowadays with the wife of the man wooing them. [Nonsense]

  6. Iffa hearr!!! May be ds one no look like person whr go buy her iphone 7 …na y she expose am…. Mtheewww 9ja ladies are fuckers!

  7. My sister u don’t v to post what you you guys chat or even ur discussion here via Facebook, you would have block him instead of posting this trash Here.

    • Yes ,married men go after young ladies likewise young ladies also hunt for married men also! If you visits most of the joints & hotels in town, you will surprised the number of young ladies following this so called married men to the hotel!

  8. Millions of girls out there are looking for married men for a date,if you will not comply another will comply nothing big deal about that

  9. Why social media, why don’t he talk to him matured,or report him to his wife,this is not wise

  10. Nne you did well. I have passed through such uncountable times, but I gently use my block button without raising any alarm cos I hate wahala like kilode and I won’t forgive my self if I end up breaking any woman’s home cos of some stupid attitude their husbands display. Even my closest friend hubby tried such on me, I blocked him immediately without letting my girlfriend know to avoid stories that touches the bone marrow.

    • Uche pot, May God have mercy on u. You think everylady live dirty life, is only broke and wayward ladies sleep around. When u have a well paid job or handling good business that fetch u good money, what on earth do u need a man’s money for talk more of that of married men. My dear am blessed all round already, I can pay my bills and that of my family anytime any day, there is nothing I need now that I can’t afford. Even if I can’t afford all, I am dam contented with whatever I have. Nothing trips me. Is really not by my power, is just the Lord’s doing, he bless whoever he chooses to. If u can generalize, that means your sisters, Aunties and mum also sleep with married men….that’s two bad of them dear Uche Pot. U can advise them to be decent and hardworking, everyone around them will respect them to the last…Inugo?

    • I think that’s the best u did ,@ Esther chioma Such disturbances happens all time even on fb and outside fb.. But exposing chats is not the best..but rather you block him should be the best. A man had disturb me for my number for yrs on fb..but instead I ignored him..hardly u see a guy or married man on fb that won’t request for ur numbe , so the descion is urs to take either to block or ignore them..exposing him on fb you are endangering your life my dear and also spoiling their marriage along the line. ..long a go a married youruba guy working in Dubai but his wife in nigeria kept asking for my contact and made lots promises , he posts his wife and kid pics several times, sometimes I hit like and comment ..beautiful couples. Yet the guy kept disturbing me.. One faithful day ..the guy posted his pics with quotes..I commented wisely on the quote..the wife interfered by saying (Success Hmmm).. I replied her what’s that dear sister not knowing that’s the wife..I later checked her name I found out its the husbands name she is bearing as her surname, u I checked her pics I saw her disturbing slut husband pics that she uploaded… I just laughed very long time…but of a truth I gave the woman the insult of her life cos she gave wrong impression on me whereas is the husband that is misbehaving ..I made her know that not all girls goes after married i almost snapshot my chat with her husband how he beg for my number I told him no ..he said he wants to come and spend holidays with me in Nigeria for 2 wks his wife won’t know.. I told him am engaged I don’t cheat.. But I just pitied his wife and kept silent over that..but I still made him know his husband is after me but I rejected him at least that will hurt a bit compared to showing chats …. So my dear almost all men does that ..showing chats is very childish and destructible

    • Uche you’re stupid for saying all women. Maybe your mother and relative did it. Esther Chioma please tell the animal

    • No need for insult, who among u haven’t slept with a married man ? Even the once claiming to be contented most have being now empowered by a married man & after which they start running from one church to the other in search of a young boy they can control ..

    • @Johnson Chioma Rita that woman ur sleeping wit her husband will pour acid on that ur ugly face very soon .

    • I dey feel u die Esther Chioma, u no we Esther’s are always smart in all we do ad don’t take shit. So Ride on I dey ur back @ my name sake Esther

    • I Chitufo Ifeoma Esther can beat my chest ad tell u dat no married man has seen my pant, So leave it. Is not as if dey don’t disturb me but is a decision u have to take,OK check my profile pix u will see me dere am beautiful slim fit and fair u ad I no dat most men like slim ladies but yet I still keep myself den wot abt u? I wish every lady will be like I ad Esther Chioma thanks

  11. Na today? The girl is stupid… Why break the news to the world? How many married men does she plan to expose… Mtwwwww

    • Babe forget that thing! I have countless amount of married men on my tail both young and old, on social media and in reality… The last thing I’ll do is shamr him publicly at least for the sake of his wife(family )… All she had to do block him

  12. U would ve block him instead of posting it here, it’s better d wife find out herself, U might just has been used as an instrument to break a woman’s marriage

    • She would have block him on Facebook, with that d man can’t reach him since d man don’t even have his number abi he know her in real?she did d right thing by refusing to date him bt posting it here is a no no.. She just break up someone’s marriage and d wife’s [email protected] Ehime Okwudishu Buchi

  13. Good work , you did well , Cus married men don’t respect themselves this days , always walking about looking for young girls to give diseases , condemned and expired blood . nice work dear.

    • The lady is shameless just like the man. Making headlines with such stories is not dignity. She ended up getting the public attention she needed as well as frustrating her fellow woman’s marriage. What happened to your block button if really you declined to his advances. Beautiful nonesense

    • It’s your own cup of tea. Birds if the same feature flock together. U are complaining Cus you practice it as well .

    • Uzoma Uchechi Tansy shut up that your mouth. Sis. Mary… do you think if I were to be the wife I will even have her time? Nonsense…

  14. Shameless women, may be she find out say de man no get money…. Das y she expose am,tell me if say de man promise to give you 2016 Range Rover will u have sense to post dis rubbish. Olosho!!

  15. Girl, grow up this is asshol post, since he never have sex with you, forget it, is like you like it, for you to have time and reply him that’s means you are the biggest fool.

  16. Chaiii men no dey Eva like truth,all d men are feeling DT d man has no money dats y she exposed him. But is it good for a married man to be chasing young ladies? Wat baffles me more is DT,u will even find out DAT their wives are far more beautiful Dan those dey r chasing. Only God fit help us oooo

  17. O Girl this is childish y not block the man.let’s hear word the men wey you dey accept nko because you don’t like this man

  18. The man is senseless. The one you have at home is not enough right? She did a nice job exposing the idiot

  19. U see? Tomorrow they wl start blaming single grls. They forget it’s dia randy husbands dats always d problem

  20. married men don’t respect themselves this days , always walking about looking for young girls to give disease

  21. It’s not a new thing that married men do cheat or ask their wife’s frnd out, for d fact that I don’t support the men on that, I still don’t appreciate u bringing or exposing it on fb, a mature lady will only decline and block him, not bring it here na, assuming u accepted u wouldn’t have brought it here here, so it’s better u keep it to urself and act maturely.

  22. That’s rubbish OK……you should have simply unfriend him or stop replying his l messages… Don’t break anyone’s home

  23. You’ve just destroyed someone’s home because you are seeking for fame on Facebook. You should have blocked him instead of bringing it to the social media. This is a private matter you could have settled without any hullabaloo. Methinks you are just trying to make people see you as a Saint. Maybe she’s the type that has numerous abortions for different single men but wouldn’t date a married man. My sister, you need deliverance. I am not condoning cheating or what the married man did, I am only saying you are stupid for bringing such private matter to the public. What he did is morally bad but not a crime. It’s like an offer and acceptance. If you are contended with the offer you go for it and if you are not, then you move on. Disgracing him doesn’t make you a Saint. In fact, do you know what your dad is doing now? Imagine someone disgraced your dad publicly like this how will you feel? Can’t you just block him instead of embarrassing him on the social media. Imagine the kind of shame you’ve brought to the family. People will be pointing fingers towards them wherever they go. The trauma could destabilize the family. The man’s child(ren) will be taunted and ridicule in school. They will call their father all sorts of name and the children alike. When will some of our girls have sense? You’ve got the popularity you are craving for right “holy Mary”? It is a shame many people are lauding her instead of condemning her despicable act. He’s not the first man to that. In fact, some of the women praising her are from a polygamous home where their father married numerous wives. If this were to have happened in an advance country, the man have all the right to sue the stupid girl for her childish act. She has damaged his character. What he did was no crime but morally wrong. If I were to be the father of that idiot (God forbid) I will disown her. I have a short prayer for you: As you’ve destroyed someone’s home so shall your home be destroyed in return.

  24. The only reason she is doing this is because the man is not Jimoh Ibrahim, Dangote or Otedola. She would have been the one running after them, in fact poverty is a curse.

  25. The lady is shameless just like the man. Making headlines with such stories is not dignity. She ended up getting the public attention she needed as well as frustrating her fellow woman’s marriage. What happened to your block button if really you declined to his advances. #beautifulnonsense

  26. Na because she no like the man… Story…. You won’t tell us the ones u agreed to oo… Go and sit down!!

  27. Some ladies and their too much drama. You could have blocked him on time without replying to his chats. I do block anyone that disturbs my peace on Facebook. But creating a problem in another woman’s home, just because the husband is disturbing you ain’t necessary at all. Knowing the nature of men; their way of life don’t suppose to be a surprise to you if you come across the stupid ones.

  28. It’s either you ignore him or block him from assessing your page instead of bringing it up on the social media like this. Ok, what have you gained now?

  29. Don’t even have time to block such pple. They ve always blocked me after one or two responses. There re better ways of handling such men.

  30. Childishly why not simply block him instead. Of trying to separet hiis family apart. Thou u both. Are shamelessly

  31. dey man did nt even tell u dat he wnted dateing u and u ar feeing like u ar special abeg make we hear,na dis one u cum bring out what abt de one u hv being doing?or u wnt make ur guy say my girl is dey best.guy no fool dis type of lady de fuck him guy frnd

  32. Esther chioma na u try pass.tanks dat is dey best tin to do.what abt mi,my best Frnd guy ask to see mi and I wnt to his house,thinking he wnt to tell mi sometin abt my Frnd.later he nw say dat he had be liking mi and I don’t wnt to give him chance, and I laf and say sorry I will make it up to him!and I say I love him too.f him not to do any stupid tin to mi.later I told him I wnt to drink water. wen he wnt to get it outside dat is wen I run outside bt I never told her till today.

  33. Sometimes we ladies can be funny, i partially blame those married men that run cheats, as a wife know when and how to keep your man, dnt look 70 while still at 40. I have a boss then who was married, after work he prefer to stay at work or follow me home just to have rest of mind, some women are too harsh, give him course to defend you both in your presence and absence. And for the post, you either take it or leave it, you dnt need to disclose your chats to put on decency, you might be doing worst than that who knows


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