News Lady Gets Arrested For Wiping The Expiry Dates on Food Products and...

Lady Gets Arrested For Wiping The Expiry Dates on Food Products and Repackaging Them


Abia State Police command has arrested a suspect who allegedly involved in repackaging of expired food products.

Described as a worrisome act, the police said Nnenna Sunday, 28, has perfected the act of using chemicals to erase batch production numbers and expiry dates on snacks.

May God help us in this country.




  1. Ha, u can trust Igbo women for that. Nothing is a waste for them. As long as it’s going to fetch them ego, then it is a business item… They will tell u to just forget the expiry date

  2. That lady is heartless. someone will come and say pls leave her its recession. What recession could make someone perpetrate such evil act. If this kind of lady sees poison, she will give people. serves her right

  3. It is an act that endangers the lives of the buyers of the expired products, but yet reinforces the need for everyone to check well before buying any food product

  4. Lol… she dont want to throw it away when it expires… She prefers he money more than d health of her buyers…. May God help us

  5. This is very evil. I don’t consume products without expiry & manufacturing date. She’s selling poison to people. May God deal with her.

  6. How did she got d expiring food from factory or retailers… Many people must go to jail

  7. Madam you wicked ooh!!..In fact you should be called a killer!!.This is is the highest level of wickedness to a fellow human!!

  8. What! Do you have a conscience at all? Can you eat that product? If no, then why give it out to your fellow human. This is wickedness and she must be punished

  9. God will punish you and ur generation and the lives u have been destroying will pay you and ur generation in full#mumu dey smell#

  10. Is because this is the one they actually saw, lots of them out there selling in the market are unto this demonic art. Imagine how u want to wipe out lives simply because of. Money. May God forgive u


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