News Lady narrates how she was brutalized alongside her boyfriend by the police...

Lady narrates how she was brutalized alongside her boyfriend by the police because they were young and had a car


A twitter user, Kiki Mordi has narrated how the police barged into her home and accused her and her boyfriend of being cultists just because they own a BMW. According to her, after the searched her home and found no evidence proving they were cultist, they dragged them to the station and demanded for 200,000 to kill the case. Read the rest of her tweets below..



  1. Revenge much more latter. Its best served cold.Meaning give them time to forget and punish them latter make them see the after life.

  2. For real?..Well Can I please have your attention, If you have an account in any of the underlisted banks; Access bank GTB U.B.A Skye bank First bank FCMB Heritage bank Diamond bank Zenith bank Wema bank and any Micro finance bank… I only want to tell you that you can now use your ATM card as you wish at anytime and any bank…. *Oya come and beat me now,I dey for my house!!

  3. People that are suppose 2 be protecting life and property…are the same idiots that are now taking life and and property…

  4. Hmmm that is what I hate ,happen only in naija because bribery is there job this type of story is popular among the Nigeria security in such as if the own the country.

  5. All of u commenting against the Nigeria police are stupid. u think things in this world happen just like that? there must b something that led to the police action we dont knw abt or dont we get to see people who owns more dan a BMW?

    • Oga sharap there. A criminal would hardly have the confidence to report the police on media, social media for that matter It seems you’re not in Nigeria or you’re not a Nigerian. We all know these force men act like gods coz they’ve got guns and crowd power. Such news did not just start yesterday, or today and I am not seeing it end soon. So get your facts straight

    • Nigeria police no be human being dem be oooo and no let anything join u with police for dis country at all cos na mumu dem be

    • Com spencer or wat ever u call ur self r u in dis country if u r den u will no dat d duty of some d police w hv in dis country is to hold u wen hv don notin nd dey demand 100k or 150k for ur bail even wen dere is no evidence. Na pls try nd clear up ur sawdust brain so u can tink lyk normal human instead of tinkin nd talkin an idiot

  6. Hey hey, these force men and their lawlessness is really becoming unbearing o. The government should do something about this na

  7. Chai!!! Naija police y na? She is right, naija isn’t safe bcoz it has not come to our turn yet

  8. spare me the trash jor, the idiots are only after innocent and armless people, they don’t know that Sambisa Forest exists ba?

  9. A group of police men stopped me and my babe at a checkpoint while I was taking her out in my car.When I discovered that they were overdoing things as usual,I called a friend of mine who was also policeman at their police-station.My friend replied me on phone like “Who stop u for there?”When I told him your colleagues at the checkpoint,he replied “I beg I beg..I no want police wahala”.


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