Viral News Lady narrates how a man ejaculated on her inside a bank (photos)

Lady narrates how a man ejaculated on her inside a bank (photos)


Few days ago, we shared story of a lady who claims she was sexually assaulted in a commercial bus when a Guy who was watching porn on his phone brought out his manhood, rubbed it on her (Read Here).

Today, Mizz Amaka, Anaeto Amaka Vivian on Facebook has shared a story of how a man ejaculated on her while on a queue in a bank. Read Below + photo:

I went to Diamond bank (Nnewi) today and went to their customer service to lay a complaint but the crowd at the spot was much so I stood in one of the queues there, there was this guy (via pix) behind me I noticed he was somehow resting on me so I moved a little and he moved with me, I noticed something suspicious so I looked back I saw him crossed both of his hands covered with a paper down his waist…. I kept mute and was busy with my phone I noticed something behind me again I turned and saw him with his hands at the same position so all of a sudden I felt something hot dripped on my leg to my outmost surprise it was a sperm I turned gat hold of him and gave him some hot slaps I know he has never received in his life before…. if not for the securities that intervene like seriously he won’t live to remember a day like this ???

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  1. Ha, maybe the guy watched porn b4 coming to the bank. Who knows? He couldn’t hold himself and fell 4 ur body..

  2. Was he naked how can a guy ejaculate with out lubrication,abeg this lie much stop tarnishing the guys image.

  3. That moment the spirit of d girl u got pregnant and denied follow u to d bank… Conji na Bastard Na this kind conji dey advise person say… My guy abeg go and rape dat goat and u go just obey..

  4. I don’t understand, was there no space in between the both of you or is his something that long that it left his trousers and landed on you?

    • It’s not a lie. Some guys can be a pervert and pray u don’t come across such guys. They are moved easily when they see anything in skirts and such are those that rape under age girls.

    • eeeeeeh! bro james, don’t tell her to shut up, it happens oooo, am very serious, I av witnesd an incident like dat bfro, but d lie abt dis story Is au d guy released, did he bring out his dick in public to rub?

  5. I concur with u dear ,dats how Donald trump and Barack Obama called me yesterday night to be among his ministers but for the love I have for nija I refused cause I want to serve my country first

  6. Some guys can be very stupid, I once had a similar case but didn’t allow it to get to that extents, you just have to embarrass him so as to move a bit from your back or better off leave the queue and wait for your turn

    • U just have to embarrass him abi? But if na guy wan embarrass girl like that then u go dey say “”be a gentle man”” but in case of girls now u are saying its good to embarrass guys like that….very good…..I forbid the day I Eva respect any lady…..useless fool like u…cursed bush pig

    • Nor be the same body wen dirty boys dey hang u dey fuk u wan embarrass person out? Is ur useless body worth #500? Nonsense…… I spit on the useless u

    • Mehn u are a total asshole and a fucking dumb ass. Wish I was near u I would spill ur brains out wit my RIFLE…

  7. U slapped the guy? If nor be wetin u wear wen seduce am.he for do that kind tin? Ok u noticed it and u couldn’t even call him personally nd make him know that u knew wot he did so he could apologize.. But u just slapped him…this same person u don’t knw now might help u else where someday…and the worse part be say u vum even dey broadcast the guy picture join like say he steal from u….nor be that same body wen people dey hang u fuk? Body wen dey smell…God knows I hate women like I hate hell..that’s why I prefer making frnds to guyz than girls..becos they gat rotten brain…they are just too immature…hmmm…kia!!!!!…..the same tin happened to me wen I was in schoo.I was on top of bike with a girl then she noticed everything then she looked at me and just locked up.after that day we became frnds but neva had sex…..nor be human being she be?..God I hate girls so mucccccccch!!

    • Your picture should be placed beside the word “retard” in every dictionary on planet earth and anywhere else a dictionary exists! Like when someone wants to say the word “retard” they should rather say “kush bishop”.

    • Liljoe Ogbeide…yes and na me dey 4uk ur papa…na me dey make ur papa dey wear pampers everyday…hahahahh

    • Kweenesther Cobham……..atleast am far beta than u that look like ur father’s dead prik…idiot…I blame the useless men that gang raped ur mother to give birth to a useless Bush pig like u…fool….

    • Kweenesther Cobham…….ur useless parents fooled themselves over night that to give birth to an India worm like u…fool…I don’t blame u..if ur useless father had not married ur woe betied mother as a sex slave u would have known how to respect people’s comment…idiot…useless product of rape

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    • If u think u can insult of make fun of somebody then pray I don’t ur time….I will useless ur life for u……***respecting a lady is a sin***…….I dey wait more stupid comments

    • I ain’t here to exchange words with u, buh u are obviously encouraging RAPE, nd u also one of those guys dat beats their woman.

    • I pray we don’t ever come across each other, it’s a big world yet a very small one, cos d day I come across u I will walk past ur dead body.

    • Kush Bishop… Ur words re really harsh…. Must u bring mom/ dad into d picture…. Pls let’s learn how to comment maturely nd nt dis

    • I happy for u say u dey fuck my dad u are as good as a dead man becos u are fucking a dead man happy bad dreams

  8. Abeg me I no get it o; at a queue inside a bank? And the man brought out his joystick nd put it inside your jive hive nd you didn’t know when he entered inside of you??? This na fabu jare

  9. Resting his manhood on your backside as ur ass is Nicky Minaj abi? U notice u don’t move forward or leave d queue… How come he now cum on your leg without removing his trouser… If u den release u must be robbing his dick with your ass…. Please next post admin

  10. Dang it! Nawa o,d culprit is nw d victim…but sista ur own sef too much o,u con carry am com Net,,d embarrassment wey him get at d bank no do you ni,,,i knw d fela wouldn’t wish for dat to happen ,he was just kinda hopeless at d moment

  11. I don’t believe this fake story jooor…dose it mean that he brought his penis out of his trousers in the bank that enable his sperm to drop on u and nobody saw him. Besides, what kind of dressing did u wear that can make a real man to loose control in public

  12. Has anyone asked what she was wearing that day?! She probable provoked him… Don’t believe d story tho

  13. Is true fowl are better than some men if u don’t know I have seen such back then in my school where crowd are really struggling to see what is happening at the front one guy brought out his stick very busy hitting at the back of females and ejaculated I was surprised when a girl shouted oh my God.

  14. My people no b lie o, it happened right in my present inside oshiomole bus. If u use DAT bus often u can testify. But only people with corrupt mind will fall victim. And in d oda hand girls shud learn to dress well and responsibly, in did era girls no longer put on cloths but rag. To b sincere I took an oshiomole bus while going to work and I joined dose who where standing there was a girl in front of me wit a nice ass like DAT of Nicky and d worse part was she was on legis truly speaking I was not confotabo n more cos n time d driver holds his break I notice d connection of my dick and her ass was to much I had to tell her to adjust and she looked at me smiled and said sorry funny enough she noticed all this but didn’t say a word she had to use her cross bag as a blockage and I had to turn facing anoda direction. So it can happen to n one who lost control some guys ar insulting DAT guy and dey know DAT there is a way a woman will dress looking at her only can make uncomfortable for a while.

  15. You are very stupid for this post thunder will strike you after you gave him public embarrassment by slapped him,you still have the courage to post his photo on social media what a stupidity African mentality,that is why oyinbo they call us animal even,if it’s happen to be white men, they we cover his face for security purpose. No matter what he might do, this is too bad idiot .

  16. Dis is all lies does it mean d guy was naked in d que cos me no Blif dis shit if a sperms should drop is either from d guys boxer or shots #fake news I Blif is joke don’t but ain’t real

  17. One tin u guyz need to know different faces different characters, different abilities. It is possible for him to release with out sex some guy can even release through thoughts, some guys can release wen watching porn movies, while some just during romance while some seconds after inserting and some minutes after inserting. So u know where u belong among dese options. Every one have their weakness. So think before u pass judgement

  18. am not sayin it can’t happen o, som of us get moved easily, but my question now is dat, did he bring out his dick to rub in public to d extent dat he released bcos no guy wil eva release witout contact.

  19. The ejaculation na river? That can penetrate his trouser and boxer? My sister, accept Christ as your lord and personal saviour, so stop this kind lie

  20. Was the guy naked? That sperm should be flowing on your leg inside bank, please say the truth for God sake

  21. I hv jxt one question to ask you….were u properly dressed wen diz happened? If not u should be apologizing 2 God bcoz u caused it, bt d embarrassment u gave him in d bank is enough 4 him 2 hv taken caution but u still went ahead 2 post him on social media haba aunty mi u went too far…

  22. From what I’m seeing from the picture, is not like the pictures were taken at the same place, what happened to the light reflection in second picture! Number 2 this young man standing here looks so confident as if he’s proud of what he did to me he looks like someone waiting patiently for a cashier to give him his, if this guy removed his dick to ejaculate on you some how must have stained your skirt too or perhaps ur skirt is too short…

  23. Lol mine was bike, wen I was pregnant for my hubby… I had a flat tummy u won’t notice I was about 5month den so I entered a bike so another passenger entered my back I was suppose to be at d back buh bcos of my condition I choose to stay in…. Dis guy kept on using his gun to rub my ass.. It got worst wen d bike entered gallop… I juz shouted at him nd told d bike man to stop… Immediately I came down nt minding I haven’t gotten to my bustop….d guy came…. It was so funny his trousers even stained d bike seat…me juz laugh push myself make him nd d bike man dey quarrel… Shibam I no pay

  24. Useless post and some useless people will accept the post as the truth, i now knw why white people call Africans black monkey, even monkey is even reasonable than most Africans, so they used nail to nail her feet on the ground that was why she didn’t move when she said she noticed that something was going on? Nonsense. I just checked her profile and she is just a puppy, i wonder where the hand she used to slap him is.

  25. Funk u.. y don’t u tel him to shift back if truly u don’t like the way e was robbing ur ass..fucj

  26. It happened at diamondbank nnewi, bank road precisely.. Couldn’t believe my eyes. But the girl gave him befitting ‘slaps,’ before he could escape.

  27. This ur story isn’t complete abeg, how come he sperm on ur leg? He was not putting on trouser or he brought out his joystick out to do dat? Nawaoo

  28. Wait oo, the nigga cum finish, den waited for u to snap him picture??… Hw was not putting on a short or trousers??

  29. D nigga dey try get attention from pple. She no reach abeg. D girl ought to be slapped and beaten for slapping a man she seduced. How can u tell me dt a man rested his manhood on ur button, u waited until he ejaculated, and u took advantage of his weakness and slapped him. Meanwhile u were enjoying d penis….d guy for beat u blue black. useles idiot….a 200naira whore trying to show popularity.


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