Viral News Lady Sets Her Ex-Boyfriend’s House On Fire After He Broke Up With...

Lady Sets Her Ex-Boyfriend’s House On Fire After He Broke Up With Her



Here’s how the victim’s friend reported this incident on Facebook.

Read below…
This was how my friend ended his 2016. You meet a woman, you start dating, you offer her shelter, fed her, clothed her and other things. In the process of that relationship, it occurs to you that she has character flaws that she isn’t willing to work on and she feels entitled that you must date her the way she is.

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You break off the relationship and she becomes murderous. Makes an attempt on your life. When she didn’t succeed, she decides that arson is the way out.

But for the goodness of neighbors a four bedroom apartment would have be burnt down. Few weeks after, she is back pleading and expecting a makeup. How possible can that be? Who walks back into the lion’s den after an escape? Is this the same person that you would have ended up with in marriage? 

Why does this sound familiar? I have been there before. I have had an experience close to this. When I tell you that evil is not gender specific, please believe me. We have seen a lot. It’s a good thing that my friend survived this.
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  1. If I never promised you marriage nd u try this with me I will burn down your entire village and family I swear! but some guys can promise heaven and earth just cus of that 5 minutes sex sha!

  2. If what Victor said is true, which I am yet to confirm, then, she did bad. Until I sit with the parties involved one on one, I won’t believe this story. Victor, possibly, they will have had sex and we all know how promises can be made in the ecstasy of sex. We don’t know if she had had abortions for him. Until then, I will have sth otherwise to say

    • U see ur life? But if u hear that a wife was beaten by her husband,u won’t wait to hear the side of the man before judging.instead u will start talking rubbish.. But itz a woman’s case now and u said u can’t say anything yet until u hear from both,they u started talking rubbish… Why I so hate u ladies is becos of ur rotten brains……useless pig

    • My dear, feel free to ask my friends about me and my opinions especially in such matters. You don’t know me so don’t judge me based on what other ladies write or say. Cos you are making same mistakes as the ladies too, judging ppl.

    • And, thanks for the useless pig talk, that’s if u were referring to me anyway. Have a great day

    • Abeg Ijeoma, leave this guy. Someone that is already planning to marry a man to bear his children. I pity the lady that will marry him…. Pls, make ur research on this. Thank you

    • Well that’s a surprise.. A girl can be this calm after the insane and stupid comment from someone. Nice one Ijeoma Esperanza Ukaonu..

    • @ Victor, My dear, I work with students so I have dealt with a lot of people like him. Thanks dear

    • Thank God you didnt act with his stupidity cos that’s what he wants…. Pls, don’t mind him oh..

  3. Haba, that’s not the end of the world nah, what’s your gain in doing that? Am sure you won’t feel happy after doing this. You should have just moved on with your life because there are better days ahead of you

  4. Nawa oooo, I tire for some girls, why will you burn your ex bf apartment cos he broke up with you?there is no reason justified for what she did, besides most girls have seen worst and they moved on and they are still living ,well, you might have your reasons but your actions ain’t fair. And for the guys please be straight forward and honest in a relationship, if it won’t work , be honest, if it will,also be honest cos it really pays to be honest in a relationship. Don’t promise heaven and earth or what you know won’t be possible at all.Sometimes guys are heartless that they can be dating more than a girl which brings problems and regret at the end, I wonder what this girl’s ex did that made her burn his apartment. Ladies be wise, guys be sincere, I rest my case.

  5. Sorry to say this babe, but you are a full for doing that, men are who they are, you should have lift him for God to fight him

  6. Someone said reconcile and super the result of her stupidity no way this kind of women can even destroy everything including your children after paying all the damages biko let her go

  7. U guys should not judge her u guys don’t knw wat she pass thru do u guys knw how many abortions she did for the guy how she spent all her life trust on the guy tho wat she did is wrong but at the same time she is badly hurt by the guy action

  8. well may be she is financially well equiped, and perceived d so called burnt house as a trash she can always afford to buy anyday, that is nt to say she did well, also she must av some accomplice, cos she cant carry out such awful acts on her own, which ever way, it is way too much a punishmnt


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