Weird and Strange Lady had Sex with a Guy Who Works in a Mortuary &...

Lady had Sex with a Guy Who Works in a Mortuary & This Happened


Lady had Sex with a Guy Who Works in a Mortuary & This HappenedIn the world of social media, there are so many bizarre things going on in the world.

A Twitter user shocked many people when she took to her wall to narrate the experience of a friend who found out her man was sleeping with a corpse after they had had s*x.

According to the lady simply known as Jacquelin, a girl went on a date with a guy, hooked up afterwards in bed where he discharged on her body.

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Afterwards, she developed a rash and saw a doctor who told her that it is not a case of STDs or STIs before referring her to a dermatologist.

The dermatologist examined her and told her that she could have gotten the parasite in the rash area from two possible sources.

  1. Having sex with animals
  2. Having s*x with dead bodies.

The lady knowing that she has done none of the above, went to the guy’s Facebook wall. To her dismay, she found out that he works in a mortuary.

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See screenshot of her story below:

Lady had Sex with a Guy Who Works in a Mortuary & This Happened



  1. you start seeing your ancestors right and got admission to the relm of ghost , ghost girl friend lol

  2. Jesu! How will a full fleshed human go ahead and sleep with a mortuary worker? Didnt she find out more about the man b4 sleeping with him? Nawa for some girls oh…

  3. I’m confused, the dermatologist said it can be from having sex with an animal or dead body but the lady said the guy works in a mortuary. That means he not dead na

    • No she slept wit a guy working there…ad he is still alife nt dead pls… Mind u does guys dat work there dont tell anyone dey work there.notin bad to date dem.but here in africa omo…na big deal i no fit! May God help una wen never marriend…..

  4. I once heard the story of 2 undergraduate females who an Alhaji offered to pay them:100k with condom and 500k each if they accepted to have sex with him without condom in a hotel.Lo and behold,the 2 girls screamed while dancing “Me I want WITHOUT ooo”.God so kind,one of the two girls was wise enough to have worn a female condom.So while she was removing it after she had finished having sex with him,in the toilet,she was shocked to discover hundreds of maggots in the condom,meanwhile the alhaji was already having sex without protection with her friend.The other lucky friend ran out of the toilet and pushed him off her friend& both of them escaped.However it was already too late for the friend as she died one week later.Don’t pity some girls especially when they die untimely sometimes.They are the architects of their own misfortune.


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