Art & Humour Lady With Small Boobs Need Your Help: ‘My Boyfriend Loves Big Boobs...

Lady With Small Boobs Need Your Help: ‘My Boyfriend Loves Big Boobs And Mine Is So Little’


A lady with small boobs has written to relationship experts, Joro Olumofin. Read below her plight;

Hello Joro..great work you are doing. Please, my problem is that I met a guy I really like.. He likes me too but each time we are about to make out or make love, I’m always nervous and conscious of what might be going through his mind. He really loves big boobs and mine is so little. You can’t even hold it talk more of squeezing it.. Please how do I make them bigger (he broke up with his ex because he said he wasn’t sexually attracted to her… and when I checked her pictures, she also has tiny boobs”.. I know deep down that he’s managing me. It has been the issue with my previous relationships and has really affected my esteem. What do I do? How do I make them bigger?? Thanks.

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  1. I stopped reading when it got to .. ”My Boyfriend”, you’re not even engaged yet.. You be mumu joor.. Gerarahere!

  2. There was a lady advertised last two weeks or so, her boobs should have been shared by 5 persons. pls locate her and ask her for some.

  3. See, if u dare date a guy who is interested in the size of ur boob, u r dating the wrong guy bcos if u guys later marry and even if u try enlarging urz, he wont be satified with urz and he will be cheating on u with other women who have big boobs. Marry or date a guy who loves u irrespective of who u are, not how ur boobs look like…

  4. if ur bf can’t love u d way u are den make he park well. make he go find dose fake girls wit fake boobs. we guys sef we be hypocrite,na we go press and squeeze d tin until it get sag and later deu look for hard big boobs. cnt u see ur feet, if u can’t den ur boobs is nt little dear.

  5. Lol… Pls oh, date someone who will love and cheerish u oh… Not someone who is after big boobs…

  6. if u have small boobs people will complain, avarage people will complain, big, people will talk, large,they’d think u are possed, then xtra large, people will even run away infact, i av tire..This world is crazy.

  7. There are some small boobs that set the world on fire!!..He does not know how to maximize it to its own advantage!!..

  8. This is what happen when u are jobless,,,hin no see ur boobs before u enter relationship…Abeg comot for here

  9. If he truely loves you,the physical appearance wouldnt be a problem. Besides ur future kids should be d ones complaining abt d boobs not him,and did u jst say Boifriend?? Not husband?? Aunty kneel down let mhe pray for u pls.

  10. Bullshit!didn’t he see u b4 he asked u out?when u decide to hav a gud day,its den u ll see useless post on social media.#Goddeysha

  11. I’m sure he is very complete and you love everything about him…probably you are also compromising on some things…besides what was he thinking when he asked you out…He saw your boobs in your dress before dating you…. my dear forget him…no one has it all. …love yourself…

  12. He doesn’t know what he really wants, cos I see no reason why u should be attracted to him at first.

  13. Do you know God is so wise.. I mean his wisdom can’t b compare or imagined.. He loves everyone of you who he made out of his own image and likeness.. He gave us every thing we have bcoz its suit us and our God given husbands and wives.. If you have a small boobs, its means a man who loves and appreciate small boobs is destined for you. If you have big ones it’s also means a man who loves and appreciate big ones is destined for you.. So my dear, love yourself has you are and let dat person who will simply say ur amazing in all ways come to you okay… May God gives us the patience to wait for what we truly deserve.. Amen.

  14. That means he longer love you and looking for a way to break up with you my dear continue with your life you go see another person who will love everything about you. Wonderfully made

  15. Haa why una de comments on this kind issues, no be GISTREEL,na weytin reel and weytin no reel Na hin den they post for people to comment hmmmm am just passing by Sha

  16. He must be crazy he should’nt have quoted you in the first place remember he does not love you if he does he should have loved you the way God created you besides he does not love someone but boobs my dear forget him and you will be loved by someone else just the way you are.

  17. Himmm leav am joor u want go harm urself all in d name of Brest enlargement do u kW d repercussions no go get Brest cancer bcas of a man ohh.. Abeg joor ur kind of men go com my dear. Am warning u ohh.

  18. Sister he is not good for u ,he knew he likes big boobs why did he come for u, don’t try to do anything to urself cuz a man who loves for who u re nd what u have is just arund the corner . Think about it

  19. abeg my babe get big boobs and I no like big boobs so give me ur number so mine will folo urs and u will folo me so case seltuld

  20. Did U Say Boyfriend?Love Big Boobs,and Loves U Who Hav Small Ones? Smtings Isnt Right Either He Doesnt Luv U Or,,,,

  21. If ur boyfriend is after big boost, change him look for someone else who knw de value of small boost

  22. We can’t find 100% what we expect in a person, if he loves you more than he loves big boobs, forget it. You two are good to go but if otherwise, my dear run! Don’t even think of implant or using cream cause you might damage your life and still get dumped with a natural bigger boobs

  23. Never you ever try to impress someone and go and try increasing ya boobs, nekwa gi lee death ooo or cancer

  24. Your boyfriend is just tired of d relationship, he’s just looking for a way to call it a quit… Cus someone who truly loves u will think about d Size of ur heart not ur boobs Size of ur brain not ur boobs Size of ur love not ur boobs Size of ur Dream not ur boobs etc He don enter ur cave of wonders finish… He’s now acting d Size of a baby shoe and not his Age..

  25. My dear forget abt him, there is no love between you again, in fact let me shock u, whenever a guy started acting funny, it means that some one walked back into his life or maybe he wants to taste pastures new

  26. Your husband is not serious are u god that u create ur self if he say he can marry u dont worry u will see another man person just have faith in god

  27. That fool claiming to be your boyfriend is actually taking you for a ride, how can a person in his right senses do that.pray hard and God will provide you with the right man good luck

  28. then he is not ur boyfrd.Ur boyfrd love everything about u .One of d reson of u callin him ur boyfrd

  29. My dear let him go search for big book… U are wonderfully made and I believe so many other guys love small boobs too… be ur self cos U are the best of ur kind

  30. My dear .d country no good jarreey ..a lady need a small Boob’s now to enable her run away from danger

  31. If he loves big boobs then leave him if not he will always cheat on you because he doesn’t appreciate what you have(small boobs)

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  33. Abeg sister park well…..he loves big boobs and you still in relationship with him?omo carry spring put leg#run run….in fact was he blind before asking you out or Nah you do the asking#lmao

  34. he didnt look at wat real men wants in a woman but boons my dear he is not a real man.Ladies abeg mak una wise up.

  35. Are you telling us that he didn’t look at your chest before coming to you or you padded something all these approaching days..

  36. Abeg forget d guy, meself get small boobs and i no die, my guy no complain. U go better Abeg, gbagbe OSI

  37. if that is a problem in your relationship, please find a real man who loves your person not your body……

  38. Just like d way u are..if he doesn’t love it dat way..make hin go anoda plenty for river

  39. He is just a boyfriend and not a husband pls.pls love urself and be contented with what God gives to u.

  40. Baby u re pretty love yourself first. Appreciate your body. The guy isn’t meant for you…. its better u drop him now before he destroy your pu***y with his d****k n send u away

  41. That is why packaging is not good the first time your boyfriend saw you were Wearing pampas thinking you have a big boob

  42. You don’t know your boyfriend, he wouldn’t approach you if he loves big boobs and yours is small. Dont even try to do a breast enlargement for any man because tomorrow he might leave you and you meet a guy who don’t love big boobs I wonder what you would do. Just be confident of yourself and how you look

  43. He’s just a boyfriend not a husband. If he doesn’t love you for you then God will bring someone who will your Way.

  44. UR BOYFRIEND? he is not even ur husband….how did he no it was small ? guess u allowed him 2 view it nd …..if he marries u 2moro nd ur breast sags…na divorce go follow…theres no luv in dat relationship

  45. Come and be my girlfriend please. I love lady’s who have small boobs it makes them look romantic. If you wouldn’t mind.

  46. If he don’t love you for who u are then he is not for u. Don’t border urself too much

  47. Chai problems everywhere get big,small, slim,fat,tall,short,large, long all complain.anywhere ur own is different cos is boy friend not husband at ur age u are posting boyfriend tinkz shit

  48. Just check the list of the ladies that try to increase thier boobs and see the negative side effect an ingrate fellow like you. Your boy friend go pick race when he see you latter .radarada

  49. That’s your own headache… And if that’s your problem, then you don’t have any problem.

  50. No worry sweetie if he is truly ur own he wil come back 4 u and if he’s nt urs den is of no use u suffering ur soul okay, loose him let him go life goes on,u wil be fine okay stop crying u wil be fine.

  51. Look at what you worrying yourself for, just a boyfriend? I know we need to start somewhere before mend thing….. But my dear tell him if you can’t take me the way I am disappear

  52. If tho he wants big boobs y did he date u,does he want to tell us that he didn’t see them at first He sd tell d truth that he doesn’t want u anymore but not beat around d bush

  53. And u re rethinking abt ur life,hope u think well cos d boyfriend of urs will end up as ur ex. He is not worth it,get a life I mean move on

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  55. Lol see this girl sha Small boobs. You still av boobs. I thought it’s only nipple. Ladies with small boobs (only nipple) are the best. You are seeking for large one. Nonsense


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