Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Lagos Designer Says Desmond Elliot is a Wolf

Lagos Designer Says Desmond Elliot is a Wolf


Lagos Designer Says Desmond Elliot is a WolfLagos Designer and owner of Gentle Inspired called Nollywood actor Desmond Elliot a wolf for not boosting his career.

Gentle Inspired designer said Elliot promised to help him in life but he didn’t keep to his promise.

“So this is how @desmondelliot pays me for all my suffer, sleepless nights and my hard earned money,”

“This man is a wolf in sheep clothing. I’m still waiting for you to arrest me! We had an agreement you would give shout outs, tag me and give me necessary publicity but u took all my clothes, enjoy them and NEVER give me any shoutout! Is this the way you would be the Change?(sic)” the designer wrote on Instagram.

Read their conversations below.

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The actor is yet to fire back at the designer over the allegations.



  1. This gentle guy no get sense I swear… Some people ask like they are entitled to it…truly if this the kind of message he sent to people when trying to get their help would he be were he is today… God bless you my ass….#ur clothes are amazing tho @gentle

  2. Woe unto the man that puts his truth in man# u don’t need him to Explorer your talent all u need is Gods grace. Seriously speaking I don’t think he is taking it the way you are. He is seeing you as a pest. Try and do some of your publicities on your own. #starsdonthidetheyalwaysshine#and you definitely will. I dont want to be biased in my write up. The Way he answered you was uncalled for. You definitely need some apologies there. One more last thing. #usemoneylookformoney#praywithoutseason#reconcileyourdifferencess# cos I don’t think any celebrity would patronize you after this public show. Cos they will Always stand for their own no matter what. Thanks I hope this gets to you. #GENTLE#

  3. Well if I promise to help he should hv at least kp to his promise y actin as if he does nt kw u .. He was once lyk u before he got to wer he is..


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