News Lagos Pastor, Rev Ben Eragbai Hits The Streets With His Range Rover...

Lagos Pastor, Rev Ben Eragbai Hits The Streets With His Range Rover To Preach


The picture of a pastor and founder of Divine Appointment Ministry, Ilupeju, Lagos, Rev Ben Eragbai, has gone viral on social media

The man of God became a social media sensation when he was spotted preaching the word of God from the roof-top of a Range Rover. This can be described to be the first of its kind in Lagos.

As part of his preaching, Rev Eragbai took to his Facebook handle to post pictures of him preaching on the street with the caption:

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“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ Rom 1:16) This what I church without walls! It was really great dancing( like David did) and preaching the gospel on the street of Lagos with my precious church members. Although I understand this is abnormal but it’s all for the kingdom! Merry Christmas and prosperous new year in advance to you all! Stay Rapturable.”

See more photos below:



  1. Jesus used Donkey coz dat was d available stuff den…. Even if the said man Of God used jet to preach it is perfect coz my God is a Rich God nd he wunt let those dat serve him diligently, in truth and in spirit beg for bread… So abeg make Una shift, Una mentality dey too poor and annoying

    • R u dis ignorant? Do you realize that Jesus could av used a horse fit 4 a king? Cos horses were an even more dignifying means of transport. He could av even used a chariot pulled by more than one horse, he used a donkey bcos he was humble at heart! But obviously that point is lost on u, I just feel sorry for brainwashed fellows like u, ur ignorance is astounding!

    • So u will be very okay if he walks on condemned slippers all coz he is preaching d gospel? If I was worshipping one of all dz god u see around and a man comes to my house looking wretched to preach to me do u tnk I will listen to him…. God gave us d right to modern Tinz I wonder y u guys make Christianity look like a religion where when one sees a man of God with flashy things they tend to insult dem den I wonder Wat d part of d scripture dat says “For God shall supply all our needs according to his riches in Glory” stands for

  2. Any thing that will get people attention to preach use it.the gospel must be preach I de with you


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