News LASU Bans Tattoos, Piercings And The Use Of Hijab In New Dress...

LASU Bans Tattoos, Piercings And The Use Of Hijab In New Dress Code!


According to the newly released dress of code of Lagos State University, the management has banned various forms of un-school-worthy dressings, including tattoos, piercings, and the use of Hijabs.

See the full list below.

    1) Transparent dresses, Mini and Skimpy Skirts/Dresses, Body Hugs, Spaghetti Wears, Mono Straps, Wicked Straps, Boob Tubes, Lacey Camisoles, Backless Tops, Cleavage Exposing Outfits, Low Neckline Shirts and Blouses and other wears revealing sensitive parts of the body.

    2) Tattered, Dirty Jeans with holes and obscene or subliminal massages

    3) Baggy, Saggy, Yansh, Ass level and over length trousers.

    4) Tight fittings e.g Leggings, Hipster, Patra, and Lacra that reveals body shape and contours of the body.

    5) T-Shirts and Tops with obscene, obnoxious or seductive inscription.

    6) Chest, Bust, Belly, Backside, Arm, Thigh and Leg revealing outfits (Male & Female).

    7) Wearing of loose tie, folding, holding and pocketing of tie

    8) Shirts without buttons, improperly buttoned, rolling of sleeves or flying of collar.

    9) Face caps or complete covering of Face.

    10) Piercing of body and tattooing.

    11) Wearing of ear rings by male students.

    12) Wearing of nose ring, very male students.

    13) Wearing of bogus distractive knocking shoes like stiletto to lectures and the library.

    14) Plaiting, wearing, bonding of hair by male students.

    15) Farmer’s shorts, Knickers, Tight Shorts and Slacks are allowed only for sports

    16) Slippers, bare foot and bare body are prohibited.

    17) Lousy, unnatural/artificial hair attachment beyond shoulder lenghth.

    18) General unkempt appearance



  1. And where was it stated that the hijab shouldnt be used,,,before u start posting things y not read well,,,,nd stop spreading news dat aint real

  2. Pls be careful of ur headlines, LASU did not ban Hijab wat dey ban is total convering of face, be mindful of use of words! Most peopple don’t read full story before dey jump to conclusion


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