News Letter From the President Buhari Released to the Public

Letter From the President Buhari Released to the Public


Letter From the President Buhari Released to the PublicFollowing the rumored news of the death of President Buhari, the presidency has released a letter from the president.

On the 18th of January, the president went on a leave to the UK.

On further development, President Buhari is said to have extended the leave and some mischievous people broke the news of the president’s death.

In a letter sent to the Nigerian senate by President Buhari, the Nigerian President stated that he will be back to the country, only when his doctors certify him medically fit.

'If Jonathan's Administration Won Gold In Corruption Then Buhari's Must Have Won Platinum'-Femi Fani Kayode

The letter, which was exclusively obtained by Premium Times, informed the senate that the President will be extending his medical vacation in the U.K.



  1. All of una wet trek for Sai baba aint u gonna trek down to UK n give us update abi change don affect your leg…. Make we kuku move naija to UK…. I sha no d truth ll speak out soon

  2. Anybody can impersonate anyone to write any letter and anything can be released anyhow…

  3. New Nursery rhyme for Nigerian pupils. Old Buhari is sick and went to London Hmm haa went to London He left our beloved country and travelled abroad Hmm haa travelled abroad The sickness became worse and he never returned Hmm haa never returned There came angry Nigerians who rumoured his death Hmm haa rumoured his death There came his speaker who said he’s alive Hmm haa said he’s alive Old Buhari got up and………………ߤаߤаߤаߤЊ(u can help me complete it if u wish) Lemme comman be going……happy Sunday

  4. Didn’t he write any #love letter to Aisha?I would love to read sth like: To the lop op my lipe(To the love of my life) The plesh op my vody that looks like Igbo hanger……


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