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My life savings went down for this – Tonto Dikeh’s husband’s PA Rosy Meurer shows off birthday gift


Yesterday, the lady allegedly behind the breakdown of Tonto Dikeh’s marriage, Rosy Meurer showed off her new Landcruiser SUV, vowing to serve God for the rest of her life.

She also claims she bought it herself by using her life savings…

She wrote

Come and see what the Lord has done, I vowed to serve you for the rest of my life…….New age, New car………My life savings went down for this but I’m happy? I gat me ….. Quite happy #SelfMade #MotherPride #Zeroworries #WeMadeIt #EVERYTHINGROSY?#blessed #favored #birthdaychronicles #aquarius #landcruiserprado #QUEENOFALLQUEENS

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  1. Make sure it is true that you bought it with your savings ooo, if not you might be enjoying now but karma is soo real. If you doubt me, go and ask Tonto dike

  2. Woke up this morning and the first news I saw was this!.Is this even news?,What is our concern with this lady who has suddenly turned celebrity because she bought a car?…It seems our dear gistreel wants us to feed on all the drama as regarding the three persons in this Tonto Dikeh marriage break-up?..

  3. What is the husband talking about this issue? It means, he is truly having affairs with his PA. He will run back to Tonto on day if the PA has finished taking his share of the wealth

  4. Make sure u are telling the truth and pls stop parading urself around a married man I think u are enjoying the whole saga between ur boss and his wife? Huh well enjoy it while it last.

  5. Women una sabi how to beef una selves.. We dey talk say u pour sand for person garri u went again and bought a car.. A cool way to tell Tonto Fuck u

  6. PA you’ve broken someone else’s home,well just have it in mind that whenever you’re married someone will definitely break ur home too. Wehdone ma…. A girl that will break ur home is still in JSS3 DOING HOME ECONOMICS

  7. My dearie I don’t know which one to believe again. But my dearie if true true you broke a happy home (tonto dike’s home).God in his infinite mercy must pay you back in your own coin. Anyways congrats for your new ride.

  8. It’s fyn to have ds ride buh according to u ur life savings is Wat u used in buying it… My dear sister receive sense naa.. Have u helped ur pple bck home to feed n have a living? Hw much investments do u have? Cos ds opportunity might never visit again ooo.. Just passing by

  9. Get ready cus ur home will b destroy nt only break u wouldn’t even HV access to anytin. Its ur Glory 2day 2morrow it will b ur story nd no bdy will care to hear u. Fool, ur punishment awaits for u. Heavy one.

  10. That’s not Tonto Dikeh husband’s PA oooh world people…She is an Actress and bloggers are beginning to change their headlines over this same girl

  11. The greatest mistake a man can make is giving another man the opportunity to make his woman smile…. therefore, the greatest mistake a woman can make is giving another woman thee opportunities to manage her home and then her man

  12. PA on this type God……I no go allow this kind person be my PA I dey mad…ohhhhh to God she go put me for temptation

  13. For give me if I’m wrong, But how does one break a home,when there is a wife to keep the home? A stranger can only succeed in stressing and disturbing the peace in the house, The wife stands inbetween her husband and the stranger to hold on to the foundation. If there is a broken home, No stranger should be pointed at unnecessarily. The blame should go to the parties involved at home. Namely both the Husband and the Wife….

    • My dear don’t even say dat, especially wen u marry an irresponsible man. pray for such tin not to come ur way…. Sm women are devil incarnate…Their aim is just to destroy people’s home.

    • Hmmmm!! Nobody is praying for bad thing o! Until it happened to u or someone close u then u will know that those ppl carry human body(corpse) no be log of wood.

  14. I will use my life saving to buy Gwagon toolife savingme don’t even understand English again

  15. Hmm, well Kudos if the money is yours but am not sure if it is because ladies can lie and dead body go rise

  16. There is always a payback day sooner or later in everyone’s life, the said Tonto should recount if she never broke a happy home if she can tell herself the truth and ask for mercy.

  17. Show us your boyfriend boldly, pls display it here so we will know u didn’t breakup tonto’s home.

  18. All these ones haters are saying with stop the cat ignition from coming on. #Besureofyouraccusation.

  19. Onye oshi. .. ur life savings went down on what? Swear if not Tonto Dikeh’s hubby that bought u that car ..don’t go and look for a good job..keep fucking him nd be claiming his PA…u get luck Tonto no wan pure u acid …Asshole! !

  20. ,who in their right mind would spend their life savings on a car??? Give me donkey as long as it takes me from point A to B

  21. Repent joor,but start from where you’ve put asunder,then God will now know you are serious,Olingo gbukwa gi

  22. Pure lie, is not ur life savings. Homebrake is only God that know the true is maybe tonto husband that brought that car


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