News Little Girls Suffers Severe Consequence of Her Mother’s Attempt to Stop Her...

Little Girls Suffers Severe Consequence of Her Mother’s Attempt to Stop Her From Sucking Her Fingers


This photo was shared on Facebook and it’s really sad.

A mother went to extreme measures for her child to stop sucking, allegedly on the advise of her friend.

She wrote:

“What a mother did to her daughter all because she wants to stop her from sucking her finger,is that not madness of d highest order?people shud pls desist from listening to advice of frienemies dat pretends to be friends,hearts of man d bible said is desperately wicked,u dont know if she harbors ill-feelings for u yet pretends to be a gud friend,it was her friend DAT adviced her to do such now see d result”

See the photo below…

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  1. Their mother would have done that since! Any child that isn’t stopped at an early age, grows up with that as a lifestyle and will be so hard to stop at that time…

  2. I don’t think any mum who feel the pain of labor will do this to her child. Maybe the little girl mistakenly put her hand on a boil water her mum kept down to do something else. You know there are children who like staying in kitchen with their mum no matter how their mum try to get them out they won’t stop until they get harmed.

  3. Na wa. She could have just put the child’s hand in bitterleaf water na.. well.. it will heal soon.

  4. If they played her a video of her growing there could be tendencies that she sucked too. So why punish her little girl

  5. I talk am… Monica, yhu finally succeeded in burning miracle s hand…. I warned yhu to let her be, that she will stop it by herself or beta still but her hand in bitter leaf, but yhu insisted on using hot oil ,,,, wicked woman, maka chukwu eeeh Monica, yhu equal to ekwensu himself

    • Ohh! U know this heartless Mum ah??…..why should she use hot oil? And that baby is still small with time she will stop, all this inpatient girls that rush to become mother accidentally this is how they keep cursing pain to the innocent kids they give birth to

  6. Not the right way my son use to do it but use other ways that won’t hurt your child I know it hurt seeing the baby doing it but on the other hand use the right way

  7. For what na… two of my kid sis sucked their thumb when they are still little but now that they grown up they’ve stoped..that woman must be stupid for giving her this injury…

  8. A gas exploded in my neighbour’s kitchen and her 3yrs plus daughter body got burnt..she doesn’t leave the kitchen whenever the mum is cooking

  9. She’s nt the true Moda, am nt sure she requested and suffer for it, before she gave birth. Stupid woman

    • Hold on before you insult her are you a mother? if yes then i don’t think you are good mother and if no you will no how painful it is to give birth i am a mother and i no how kids are so pls don’t talk anyhow every woman feel pain her child do you no what you did when you where a kid hmm if you do like you will not talk like this

  10. There is no way a Mother could do dis to her child intentionally, it could either be an accident or someone advise her on how to stop her which she dis without knowing dis will be d result. Wishing her quick recovery

  11. I don’t believe it. It may a mistake but due to the fact that the mother want the child to stop sucking and this happened, she can just be accused of doing it. If she can do this to she then y did do it before she grow like that.

  12. It’s very difficult for one to just let go of a habit. But, I believe the mother didn’t actually intended for that to happen. Maybe it’s anger. Some moms can throw knives at their kids when angry.

  13. Hmmm,i doubt if it was intentional,kids lik following deir mummy up n down evn wen asked to move away frm restricted places.i’m talking frm experience,but no Biggy it will heal in couple of weeks,cus it’s first degree burn.apply violet paints frequently n all will b well.get well soon,lil baby

  14. Her mother is indeed wicked….. Even if u want ur child to stop sucking ur breast, their is a way she should have don it…….her breast would still sag, whether she likes it or not

  15. How on earth do u think a mother will do this to his child a child she suffered to raise to this age come to think of it children suck their finger not hand u people should go to he’ll with ur fake news I AM A MOTHER AND WE MOTHER DO HAVE A DEVILISH HEART.

  16. Is the baby sucking her wrist? Nothing happened to the finger it must be a hot water accident

  17. U shouldn’t have said a mother,,,not everyone that gave birth to a child is a mother…A mother would never do such to a child

  18. The action the mother of the baby took is not good and is not advice able for any mother or parents, though i don’t like children that suck their fingers

  19. OMG. Dis is wickedness of the highest order mother wetin happen den dash u d girl for hospital. U sure say u carry dis girl for 9mth and u get to deliver her. Haaaaa No No No!!!!!!!. I don’t want to believ dis wot is dis world turning to. God will judge u and punish u for dis. U d mother anywhere u are God ‘ s rain of anger will fall on u has an speaking. (Crying)

  20. My Baby Is Suckin Hand But I No Wit Tme She We Stop,my 1st Daughter Didnt Suck Anytin But Dis I Collect Suckin Hand,2nd Day She Start Suckin Lip So I Life Hand

  21. Evil mother see what u did to ur nine months allow her to stop she will when the time comes now that u are hurrying her to stop sucking her finger and then suck what? DICK? See what u did to her foolish mother now has she stopped

  22. How can a mother do this to her own child for crying out loud! i don’t believe she is the real mother, if she’s the one, that means she needs a medical attention, because she’s insane.

  23. How I wish m her husband I will b her to death or stab her till she stop breathing.stuppid oloriburuku woman who z not fit to b among the motherhood.a disgrace to all abiyamo

  24. Why will a mother do such evil to her child in d name of stopping her from sucking finger, its evil n she shuld pray her daughter forgives her

  25. You guys should stop blaming the woman that woman is not at fault there is no woman on this earth that will look on her child face and harm her child every woman love her child and feel pains for her child even if her child is not a good child they still protect them i talk from exprence i am a mother my child is 5 years so i no what am saying so pls stop insulting if you are a mother here i no you no how it is but if you are not a mother you will soon no how it is

  26. You can even see the hand of her mother ok let me ask how sure are we that she was the one who did that we where not there you and i where not there now a day this janalist will just write anything mean wheal what they have written is different from the picture so let us not judge the woman

  27. Hmmmm! You only know your mind and capability; am not saying what happened is true or not but some women can do this! I personally know a father who beats his son almost to dead for eating just three pieces of meat! This incident happened last year and the child is still undergoing treatment. 2, I also know a mother who beats and inflict injury on her little kids for any mistake! As I write now her daughter of less than 6 yrs is with a bruised eye courtesy ‘mom’! So what is the doubt? Some parents could be very Devilish!

  28. But if truly her mother did this to her then the mom should have her hand burnt! This is my take!


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