Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Maje Ayida Hires British lawyers to Sue Toke Makinwa; Claims He Did...

Maje Ayida Hires British lawyers to Sue Toke Makinwa; Claims He Did Not Give Her STDs


Maje Ayida Hires British lawyers to Sue Toke Makinwa; Claims He Did Not Give Her STDsMaje Ayida Hires British lawyers to Sue Toke Makinwa; Claims He Did Not Give Her STDsToke Makinwa’s book ‘On Becoming’, which details Maje Ayida’s sexual escapade including giving her sexually transmitted diseases and being a cheat with his baby mama Anita Solomon during her marriage, has come threat of her estranged husband.

Maje has ordered a stop to the sales of the tell-it-all book and all form of further promotions.

The fitness expert hired British lawyers to sue Toke Makinwa  over her tell all book ‘On Becoming’ which he says is an “exaggerated fabrication”.

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Maje stated that it is totally untrue that he gave Toke Makinwa any form of sexually transmitted disease at any stage in their relationship.

Continuing with his accusations, It is “highly misleading” for Toke’s book to allege that Maje “did not financially contribute adequately” to their marriage.

According to TheCable, there are reports that Maje’s lawyers have sent Toke a “letter of demand” which states that the vlogger’s book contains “defamatory words”.

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  1. one thing i hate about celebrity relationship is that its never stable and when it breaks all secrets will be exposed

  2. So who do we believe now, Go and check yourself to know if you are clean from STDs, Going to court is not even the best thing because that’s where even the most guarded secret between you too will be exposed.

  3. But you cheated on her isn’t that enough reason for her to sue you if it were to be in the western world and you will pay thru ur anus,,,,,, its a lost battle!!

  4. Maje is crazy o,I thought this guy was educated. Toke’s book is just like every other book that u see at a book shop.most of the things u read inside a Novel or Book is not real.is just like a movie, u don’t expect me to conclude that Mercy Johnson is HIV, just becos she played the role of a HIV patient in the movie,that am watching.Toke where u meet this guy biko nu???? Maje if u are still in love with Toke u talk o,this drama is not called for!!

  5. But this Makinwa Book sef….if everybody begin write book abt his/her Ex u think say u go see space write your own..?

  6. Wait don’t comment o,this na court mater, Anything u say or do will b used against u in d court of law…. Silent every where… #lol

  7. My guy what is all this?..wether she is lying or not do not try to involve yourself with a woman petty talk!!.Move on and forget the drama wey she want to put you in

  8. Hmm this is suprising, who knw how many men she has slept with, nd she is now trying to lay it on him,

  9. Can he proof that when there is an evidence that he actually slept with another woman while still married to Toke.

  10. Jobless man @ Maje is it now that you read the book mtchwww alright still go to court and tell them that as irresponsible ad you are that you were sleeping with another woman that is if it is only one plssss the state of the economy is enough to make one mad so pack your problem to your bedroom

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  13. They should both go for STDs test and knw who is at fault, i the man has then his guilty nd if he dosent then she is a big liar

  14. Its either one of u have been lieing to the other or one person is a cheat…..figure that out fo urslf

  15. This guy is mad, he is jst acting like a fool…that y i hate all this celeb relationship cos the moment it break. ..all secrets wil be exposed

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