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Malivelihood Wants To Buy His Girlfriend A Mansion, But He Must Make A Profit Of $1.5m First


The luxury designer shared a photo of diamonds that are meant for sale on his snapchat and says if he sells them for $4.5m, he wll make a profit of $1.5m from it which is enough to buy his girlfriend (Adeola Smart) a beautiful mansion for val.

He then concluded it with Lord help me…



  1. Instead of wasting that amount of money to buy mansion y dnt he invest it and make more profit

  2. what keen of business is that making profit from your love one’s is totally out of point what about she is your wife then what will be of her

  3. Hmmmm…. She is just his girlfriend, not even his wife… Is it that he is trying all he could to show up or impress her? IF later they are going to marry, I doubt if the lady will marry him bcos of LOVE or bcos of WHAT HE HAS AND CAPABLE TO DO. Dude, u r just wasting ur money… Instead of using such amount for something tangible in ur life, u r wasting it on just ur girlfriend. Why???

  4. In this condition of hunger and poverty some want to buy a mansion of §1.4m for a woman, well done oo oga

  5. In Falz Voice ;.. “#Whedon sir #Whedon!! Ride on! Ride on!…. We are watching you from the high places!!..Ride on sir!! Ride on

  6. Adeola smart indeed. for dis recession wey people dey hungry like madt na hin someone wan buy $1.5m mansion for bae hmmmm. life is unfair o. I knw say oneday Gos go kuku pick my call

  7. Am going to tell all those big people that patronize you not to do so anymore till 14th Feb is over… Maybe you go and steal to complete the money for mansion….smh But I must say,this bae too lucky Sha .

  8. That’s good my guy, thump up for you…. D only key dat destroyed dog teeth was (girlfriend) as u re hustling to make your gal happy don’t forget who carry you for nine month back u for 5years cus a mumu guy like u ll crawl for 5yrs before you walk. Sharp guys wey crawl for 1 or 1n half years no go use his life time pursue woman… If u don’t takia of your mom… Curse ll land on your destiny like thunder.. One in d morning 2aftunu [email protected]

  9. We guys we dey fuck well well, you they spend for your girl, and forget your mama when born you, don’t she was your first love in this life, before those so called girls.

  10. Why did he broadcast it? Thieves are everywhere o.. one seun egbegbe might b nearby.. who knows

  11. Only a fool try’s impress a girl….becos no mata wot u do.girls can neva value anything even if u cut ur head give them….dey mumu there fool….u don buy ur mama one wrapper before? But u wan buy one useless girl mansion…. I have neva seen on social media where a guy will post on how he gave his mother a luxury life or lavish her with gift becos she was there wen u gat notin…but u will spend on the lizard u met yesterday that doesn’t know how u made the money and wen u go broke tomorrow she definitely must leave u but ur mother will remain there……surely most guys are very useless…I can Neva give any woman luxury to leave in…my mother cannot be trekin while my wife is ridding on car,God forbid…

  12. And I will buy them for my mom. Lets see who make a genuie offer her. How can u buy a mansion for grfriend? I guess Mama is at home begging 4 ur help. May God help ur brain

  13. u want 2 sell all ur belongs because of a lady nawa wat if d bay disappoint u kan or d girl break up wit u

  14. Hey jst bring the profit to church u will make profit in hundred folds then u can buy her hundred houses

  15. Bring your brain let me wash it with hypo because you no get sense. Girlfriend not even wife

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