News Man flees as his wife delivers triplets months after giving birth to...

Man flees as his wife delivers triplets months after giving birth to twins…


Mrs. Isi Udekwe, 35, has pleaded with her husband, Matthew Udekwe, who reportedly fled home in April 2016, after she was delivered of triplets, to return, saying the children needs his love, Punchng reports.

It was gathered that Udekwe, who hails from Enugu State, abandoned his family home on Eke Street, off St. Saviour Road in Ikpoba-Okha LGA of Edo State, when he discovered that his wife had given birth to a second set of multiple births.

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The mother of the triplets, who are now nine months old, said that her husband had earlier informed her that he would not be able to cater for the family if she had multiple births, a warning she said she took for a joke.

The 35-year-old Mrs. Udekwe said she was shocked when Matthew failed to show up when she announced their birth. She said: “He congratulated me. But since then, I have not seen him.”

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Isi, who was a food vendor, lamented that things had been difficult for her. In a letter addressed to the Deputy Governor of Edo State, she appealed for the assistance of the Edo State Government, adding that she would not like to give her children out for adoption or let them die of starvation.



  1. Hehehehe…..making a grand total of Five in this Buharised period!!.Oga na soft work bi dat ooh!!.. *Running away will do you no good and I know you will still come back, afterall they are your children!!.God will provide means for you to take care of them

  2. Haha , I guess it’s because of money maybe he could not afford to take care of the babies so he just better run away, but running away is not the best option for him tho

  3. This is wonderfull, but it didnt make anysense, maybe he run bcos he thought he cant train nd katter for them but no one knw 2moro, he will still come back for them

  4. You dey run after u dn score goal finish…and u dey leave that innocent woman 2 carry all the burden…run well oo…

  5. Lol The man remembered the recession and ran away but that’s not enough reason nah oga

  6. Congratulation to her your husband is a moron a KABA prophesor of running away university of Reccession

  7. Hey hey, but when im dey kerewa im no run o. I weep for those children, because they are the ones to suffer this the most. May God give the woman strength

  8. God is indeed UNQUESTIONABLE.Meanwhile those that have the money, resources & connection to raise children are BARREN.Mentally stable women are delivered of their babies through Caesarian operation while lunatic women are giving birth without anyone’s assistance by the road side or underbridges….

  9. Some pple re using money to look for it while this man is running away bcos of no money Nawa this life sha

  10. Ah!y d man cum run?no be him no get brake nonsense u no say 2 dey ground u no use sense take follow d mata now see result u run.I no blame u sha na ur wife she sabi do wellaa.God will giv u d strength 2 take care of d beautiful babies.Amem..


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