Viral News Man narrates how a woman’s gym buddies ‘treated her husband’s fuck up’...

Man narrates how a woman’s gym buddies ‘treated her husband’s fuck up’ after he gave he beat her up


A Nigerian man @sensei_kk, took to Twitter yesterday to narrate the story of an abusive man who got what he deserved in the form of a beating he got from his wife’s gym buddies. He started by expressing his shock at the fact that there were still men out there who hit their wives.

‘So people still beat their wives? This big big 2017 you’re beating your wife? let me tell you what happened today at the gym’

The woman in question happened to be everyone’s favourite, as she usually brought them treats and always had a smile for them.

‘So there’s this lady who comes to train and everyone loves her. probably mid 30s. She brings us treats and all that so obvs we love her

‘Today. This woman walked in with a black eye and a bruise on her hand and acted like nothing happened. so we asked and she said…

‘She had a small argument with her husband and he ‘mistakenly’ hit her. ‘Mistakenly’ hit her. and she literally just broke down in tears’

On further probing, they discovered it had been going on like that for a while but she’s been covering up and enduring because of love and their child. She still tried to defend him with her friends.

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‘Apparently he’s been beating her since time and she’s enduring cause of her kid and ‘LOVE’ – love you know

‘Bare in mind. This is a gym with body builders and boxers. And everyone loves her. So everyone was pissed and she tried to defend him

‘She said he’s a good man. He’s wonderful. He just has his days so we should let it slide.

‘All because of love you’re defending this devil you tied a knot with’

Unfortunately for the man, he made the mistake of going to pick her up that day.

‘Of all the days. This husband came to pick her up and stupidly walked into the gym yelling her name like she was a kid.

‘Someone asked ‘is that him?’ She said yes with a happy face. And hmm. How do I say this in a nice way. Well he fucked up. Basically

‘Someone confronted him and he said he can do whatever he wants with her. He’s the man of the house and she has to respect that’.

‘That had to be the dumbest thing I ever had. And everyone got mad. Few seconds later.

‘This husband didn’t know where he received a slap from and he tried to fight back? HE. TRIED. TO. FIGHT. BACK? At a gym?

‘Long story short. he was badly beaten. Like really bad. And while we were beating him his wife was crying. Begging? Imagine!! Love oh love

‘She was in tears. Beggin This thing called love I really don’t understand. so he’s currently being treated and after that he’s going to jail. One of the guys wife works at WAJU. So yeah he’s going to jail.’

Turns out the guy was a broke ass who lived off his wife. Imagine that!

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As much as we do not approve or support violence in any form, this man practically asked for it.

Maybe getting a taste of it will make him realize how much bruises hurt.



  1. I hail some women ooh!!..Chai!!,if it was to be my sister omo na to organize serious beatings for that idiot who calls himself a man!!..Imagine she was even begging and pleading,I hail some women shaa…

  2. Wow! I love what the women did. This man deserved it x3. Some men are really a disgrace to man’s nature. Abeg, the woman’s buddies tried. The man is not ashamed of himself. What did he derived from beating his wife? I dont know wat is wrong with some men nowadays

  3. But that man no try o…how e go beat e wife…and she 2 no try how e go carry thugs come beat the man…

  4. Eeyyee this man don see person wey pass am, next time he no go try am, bcos some wicked dey don turn thier wives to punching bag

  5. Exactly He has gotten his lot. Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner. E don bii for im man. im cup don full

  6. One man always beat his wife and it gives him concern.One day he went to church to pay tithes and offering of almost 1 million Naira to his pastor,then he told his pastor his problem.His pastor was so excited that he said kneel down for prayer sir “Brother Timothy,everything u lay ur hands upon will prosper.You shall be the head and not the tail in Jesus name.That problem of yours that is giving you concern which is beating your wife is over today in Jesus name.You will not beat your wife anymore.It is your wife that will be beating you”.


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