General Mark Zukerberg shares photo from the kitchen with his wife

Mark Zukerberg shares photo from the kitchen with his wife


The world’s youngest richest person Mark Zuckerberg, shared this photo of him and wife Priscilla Chan cooking to celebrate the Lunar New year on the 27th of January.

Tongues are already wagging again guys who can’t asks their wives in the kitchen.

Someone commented ‘If a billionaire with a very tight schedule can help his wife in the kitchen ,what’s your excuse!!!”



  1. happy new month its my birthday month oo @14 Please show some love!

  2. this photo shows how loving, caring and humble Priscilla & Mark, this is the their best picture…. so I like in my FB,share in public and save in my album, I’m happy for them simple and gorgeous couple, Max so proud of you two !!!

  3. Awesome… Your woman is your woman, no matter who you’re. Respect n support her. You’re her strength

  4. Now it all make sense to know why Mark Zukerberg blast President Trump over is Ban campaign

  5. That’s so sweet, if I upload all what my cream (husband) does for me then would know our love is sweeter than theirs. I respect men who care for their wife

  6. If Mark Zukerberg can cook for his wife,who are ME?…sorry who were me?…who is…..mtchewww…in short…who I be?


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