Entertainment News Celebrity Gist “Being married means nothing to me,” – newly married Laura Ikeji rants...

“Being married means nothing to me,” – newly married Laura Ikeji rants on Instagram


If you’re expecting Laura Ikeji to be any different with marriage, you are dead wrong!

Despite the supposed honeymoon phase, Laura Ikeji isn’t down for anyone claiming marriage is her be all and end all and intends to continue living life on her on terms.

The newly married fashion entrepreneur who legally tied the knot with Nwankwo Kanu’s younger brother- Ogbonna on Thursday, took to Instagram to lash out, urging people not to come at her “with the married woman B.S.”

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In the now deleted post, the younger sister to popular blogger -Linda Ikeji did not mince words at all as she set everyone who has insinuated that her newly contracted marriage is an achievement, straight.

Naturally, Nigerians have lent their 2-piece. And while a few echoed her sentiments, as expected, most of them dragged the new Mrs for her utterance.



  1. It should mean something to you my dear, but it is an institution of no graduation. It’s just like saying your husband means nothing to you, pls don’t give that psycho woman kemi olunloyo another opportunity to open her dirty mouth at you again.

  2. Gud to know sha but 4 me, if someone gets married, there are some things that have to change. There are some behaviors or characters that u had when u were single and it won’t fit in ur marriage life, They all just have to drop. So, u saying nothing has changed, u r simply implying that u married but still in the “single” life

  3. Mrs, ur married life supposed to mean something to u, unless, it won’t last. I’m not prophesying or praying for that for u but that is d fact..

  4. Wetin concern me, na your husband problem be dat… Just don’t poison d little ones coming up mind… Marriage means a lot to a virtuous woman

  5. One question,why would one go through the stress of putting an institution together ,iIF it doesn’t mean anything thin to that person? Please people let let’s see if this their thin, (marriage) survive’s 24months,then we’ll talk about it again.laura!!!!!!It’s a pirrrry

  6. It means nothing to u but u almost fainted wen u did not find d ring inside box on ur engagement day…

    • Oh that ?? That was all staged Dnt tell me that , that old school husband of hers could come up with such idea If not laura that would bring it up

  7. ugly attention seeking Dam. this gal is a foolish fool who prides herself in her foolishness nd she would never stop acting foolishly,I pray she gets delivered from her foolishery

  8. If marriage means nothing to u, then why do u marry? You should have stay in your father,s house & maintain your father’s name. Pls don’t spoil the good thing of our Creator.

  9. Y u no stay ur papa house then?Or no be you dey open ur teeth like roasted goat for the wedding picture? Linda come carry ur sister oh!!!

  10. If marriage means nothing to u, why did u marry? Can’t u be d Zara DAT u wished to be in ur father’s house?

  11. Marriage that is not even up to 3 wks,you are already saying it doesn’t mean anything to you….Lawal o

  12. Something dey do you After jumping up when he proposed, married in court and won’t let me rest with videos and post on Instagram about your party you are now talking trash. Go and sit down jor

  13. Just dunno why most of these seemingly mature celebrities talk like very clueless people. I mean how can a woman say marriage means nothing to her just some days after her marriage.. Its just like a seminarian who has trained 4 almost ten years to become a priest saying priesthood means nothing to him Just doesn’t make any sense. God help d husband #HML

  14. I pity you becos if u do anything silly u will pay dearly. Ask ur so call husband to tell u about the culture of his place. Hahaha, u never dear joke about that, becos it not a joke at all . Sometimes, I imagine how a man fr Arochukwu can go to another town to bring a lady who may not understand or care to no their kind of culture in the name of marrage. An forgotten that, there is a strong culture that a wife suppose to mentain till dead do them path. How can a lady say marrage means nothing to her? An u go ahead to marry an Arochukwu man, I don’t understand. Then it useless for u getting married. To tell u the facts, u v just made the greatest mistake of ur life for marring to that paticular guy. An I don’t no why he did not explain to u the risk that is involve if u try to mess around with ur Arochukwu husband. Before getting married to u. Had been he does, u would hav step down becos marriage means nothing to u. But now really u hav just entered one chance, try an see with ur own eyes. Mmmmm u don’t no, am very sorry for u. Marriage means nothing to u an u did not stay in ur fathers house, u want a man to disturb with ur useless life. This one hav hang on ur neck oooo. I don’t even no what those ladies think they are? Can u imagine the nonsense?

  15. But u married afterall….wait did u nt go to skul ni abi,xo wats ur point or u sha want make person talk abt u ni

  16. If it means nothing why do you marry? I pity the man whose choose to become a slave in the hand of your arrogant family.

  17. u guys should not mind her. She is technically passing a message across to all her aristos and getto stars who has in one way or the other harvested her flower that they should not bother she is much availble despite the marriage

  18. Nonsense!! How can marriage mean nothing to you? Do you know you’ve just taken an oath, changed your surname, relocated & gotten another family. I think you’re not okay

  19. Marriage means nothing to U yet U married.. Pls stop passing wrong info to people. To me marriage is a big deal because it’s longer all about U.


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