Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Meet the 25-year-old SA beauty Queen that will never have kids

Meet the 25-year-old SA beauty Queen that will never have kids


Pretoria beauty Queen, Sharon Rose Khumalo, is the newly crowned Miss Mamelodi Sundowns. At 21 she discovered she was an intersex. Sharon does not have ovaries or a uterus and will not be able to have children as a result.

 In an interview with Sowetan, Sharon who was among the top 16 finalists at Miss SA beauty pageant in 2016, said she was ‘shattered’ after she learned about the situation.
‘I just wanted to go home and cry. Sometimes I am okay and then on some days I look at other women who have children and I know I will never have that, but I have learned to accept that this is the situation and I can’t really change that.’
Intersex is a general term used for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male.
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  1. First of all can someone please save me a click and tell me what this headline means,This lady is very pretty!!

  2. She no get toto, or no virgina? Or she just hate child bearin with her whole life? Whats wrong with all this slim models? And their lifestyle

    • Only a fool will just jump into conclusion without reading the main story by opening the link… B4 commenting on any post try and read the content not just the surface of the story

    • Use your words carefully, and don’t start to call people all sort of names, did you forget your manners at home? Pls just go and retrive it, this is a public place, if you don’t like what people are commentin pls keep it to yourself.

  3. oh really bad. I really feel sorry for her. it isn’t your fault. stay strong and do what make you happy

  4. Am sorry 4 you. A time z coming wen d urge to have kids will eat ur soul nd body and maybe u will be in ur menopause by den

  5. Chai, she no get vagina or wetin, thats y some women pray to have the fruit of the womb, maybe her fruit overripe sote e con roti

  6. Ok. I better be as ugly as back of fridge and have kids than to be as handsome as flowers and have nobody to call me daddy


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