Art & Humour Meet The 77 Years Old Akwa Ibom Superman That Can Pull Car...

Meet The 77 Years Old Akwa Ibom Superman That Can Pull Car With His Teeth, Eats Bottles And Can’t Be Taken Down By 15 Men


This Akwa Ibom man, claimed to be 77 years old, performs amazing feats such as pulling a car with his teeth and eating glass bottles.

Super Sampson, The World Sampson or Super Dragon, as he is popularly called, is so strong that he cannot be pulled down by 15 men.

See photos from his show held on 29th December, 2016 at his hometown; Ikot Eyo, Nsit Ubium L.G.A.

“Today I had the rare privilege to take this shot with The World Sampson Super Dragon who had gone far across the globe performing shows in major continent including Europe, Asia and England to mention but few, He has been in the system since 1960 -2000 and he is still active in service” Owoh Etukudo, who shared the photos wrote on Facebook.

“World Sampson was/is still a personality, an Icon that is sort after wherever and whenever the name is mention, an indigene of Ikot Eyo in Nsit Ubium L.G.A, Aks.
“#World_Sampson was one among the highly placed icon like Tizan Esshiet, a world heavy weight boxing champion, #The_Mandators; a renounced reggae musician that made the list in the then 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s till late 2000’s in the social atmosphere.”

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  1. But if Nigeria send am go olympics now,even spoon he no go bring back as medal! Papa gerara hia!

  2. IF this is a white man, you will say it’s practice makes perfect but as it Is a black man you’ll say it witchcraft.

  3. 77 years old man pull motor with teeth dat one nor reach come dey chop bottle join… e papa na jazman

  4. una wan tell me say this man na human being.make I tell una this no be human being na 100 spirit they inside am

  5. Dat man wan test em juju.Tell make he go try shekau at new sambisa if e mean business.

  6. And we dey look for people that will go for olympics to participate on either weight lifting or wrestling and him hide no gree show face na wa oo

  7. Ur village cool business go favour u pass oo papa cos e be like say ur #Jazz no go work for #away-match

  8. Lol You ppl are just seeing one man but trust me there are 1000 invincible men behind this man.


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