Art & Humour Meet The Pretty Female Student Who Cooks Food And Sells To Her...

Meet The Pretty Female Student Who Cooks Food And Sells To Her Fellow Student To Earn Living


Ebikebuna Aluzu sent us the Story of a Female Student of Niger Delta University who cooks food and sells it for her fellow student. Below is what he sent to us.

Meet The Rivers State Student Who Cooks and Sell for Fellow Students

Edna is from a polygamous home but she knows where she is coming from and where she wants to be in the future. This young lady combines her studies with enterpreneurship. She cooks and sells to fellow students so as to be financially free. She is an undergraduate from the department of Animal Science, Niger Delta University.

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Yeah, one thing is that this does bit affect her academics in anyway. It is more impressive is that her grades are on the up since she took up the challenge to be financially free. Her CGPA rose from 1.92 to 3.77 since she started business.

It takes self discipline and sacrifice to do this. Guess what, she never went to culinary school. Her kitchen skills are all self taught. You just cannot overlook her dexterity in a time where it is easy for her to follow a sugar daddy.

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According to Michael Tarerefa whom this post first appeared on his timeline on Facebook, he said Edna is worth worthy of emulation. “Watch out for this young enterpreneur in the nearest future, while her mates are slaying, queening and baeing on social media, she is grinding her ass preparing for the future.” He bragged

We are proud of Edna. And believe she is an inspiration to many.

Niger Delta girls are the best.



  1. That’s not a big deal is just a kind business strategy to help herself. Girls earning 100k monthly still hook up with baba olowo at night

  2. Not all girls can do this….many girls fully believed on street work with there body which is nonsense


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