Editorials Melania Trump Vs Aisha Buhari: Who Is More Beautiful & Presentable As...

Melania Trump Vs Aisha Buhari: Who Is More Beautiful & Presentable As A First Lady (PHOTOS)


First Lady Battle: Aisha Buhari or Melania Trump, who do you prefer?

Aisha Muhammadu Buhari is Nigeria’s first lady and the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, the current president of Nigeria.

Melania Trump is a Slovene American former model who is married to American businessman and President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump.

Both First Ladies are beautiful and stylish. Mrs Aisha Buhari is a public figure in Nigeria. As the wife of a political icon, she actively participates in impacting in the country.

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A passionate social campaigner, fighting to protect the girl child from early marriage, the mother of five makes it a duty to provide support for the less privileged. she believes: ” Our children are our future.

Education of our children is the best way to secure the future of our country”. Melania was Born in 1970 in Slovenia, she became a permanent resident of the United States in 2001 and a citizen in 2006.

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She is to assume the role of First Lady of the United States on January 20, 2017

Check out photos of both beautiful and powerful women.

1) Dazzle


Hajiya Aisha is a very educated woman and a beauty enthusiast. Melania Trump began her modeling career at age 16, when she posed for the Slovenian fashion photographer Stane Jerko.



  1. The true is that Aisha is more beautiful but they are both worlds apart (Americ vs Nigeria) has their different type of body build and stature…so none is urgly.

  2. Nawa oooooo is dis one sef news? Dey are both presentable in dre own ways gaskia na so un go dey bring commotion up n dwn abeg make una go slp for bush…

  3. U r very stupid to compare aicha whit DAT women have u ever see aisha naked picture ?,pls next time don’t do DAT shit again OK don’t compare Aisha whit a porn star OK rubbish

  4. If u people like u cn go to Aisha’s album n gt her best pictures i dnt care! She will neva be adorable in my sight talk more of worthy. I dnt knw much abt trumps wife bt she’s beta thn aisha.

    • Let me tel u abt melania,she is a model DAT poses nude despite being married.so full of silicon n artificial looks,we knw say Buhari no dey try,BT truth be told my sister,Aisha is pweety n presentable anytime any day.

  5. You when talk say she dey suffer from lasa fever you better pass her gossip na go kill una she fine or not she is still the first lady and you people can’t take it away from her

  6. None is more presentable then the other… They re both sweet looking and dress based on their religion and believes….


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