News Miss Anambra contest ends without a winner as contestant couldn’t answer basic...

Miss Anambra contest ends without a winner as contestant couldn’t answer basic questions…


JUST when we thought we have heard the last of Miss Anambra beauty pageant mess, after the harried one concerning Miss Anambra 2015 winner, Chidinma Okeke and the Anambra Broadcasting Services, the Yuletide has served us another juicy one from Nnewi, from same Anambra State.

This happened last Friday, December 30, 2016 at the Ifeanyi Uba’s sponsored Nnewi Youths Fiesta where all the sixteen contestants for the Miss Nnewi beauty pageant were disqualified for failing to answer basic current affairs questions correctly.

The gathering was thoroughly pissed for the inability of the contestants to answer questions like who the founder of the Dr. Ifeanyi Uba foundation is; What they would do if they become the president of Nigeria; and Who the president of Nigeria is? A contestant excitedly told the gathering that the current president of the Federal Republic is Dr. Muhammadu Buhari.

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Most said, ‘No Idea.’ Yet these are supposed to be undergraduates!

Intelligence quotient At the end of the exercise, E-Daily learnt there was no winner as it was a brazen embarrassment to the sensibilities of not only the organizers but the state as a whole.

“The organizers of the event should please, try and test the intelligence quotient of would-be contestants before bringing them out for public parade. Or else, the embarrassment will continue as the state itself has not recovered from the cucumber saga,” a guest observes.

At the end of the day, no winner was declared as the organisers were thoroughly embarrassed. The car prize meant for the winner had to be taken away.

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  1. Wow shame on dose girls who think abt latest trends, makeup chai.. Common question of who ur presido be u no fit answer… Later u start fluntin ur big boobs and Asses like d ashawo u really r chai under graduates indeed…fools DAT ever liveth …. Do sumtin useful with ur head

  2. Disgraceful stuff…even a primary school drop out shld be able to answer dat qstion correctly…

  3. She try now… To say dat she’s scared when she remember d going miss anambra…

  4. Better what the did to chidimma okeke is catching up on the organizers. So that no innocent girl will be their victim again. The question is not a difficult one that even an imbecile can answer it but God is at work.

  5. Chaii, na waoh but how can an undergraduate unable to say d name of her own president??? Honestly, its soooo pathetic.

  6. At least she knew his name, some don’t even know the names of the governor’s of the state dey are representing

  7. Chisoooooos!!!.I even heard someone did not know the owner of FC IFEANYI UBAH?..Like seriously!!!

  8. That’s good. Some of these people are just beauty without brains. Most of them couldn’t even answer simple questions. To be a miss anything, you must be beautiful physically and mentally.

  9. All of you who commented are hypocrites also, you all can comment without still mentioning the right answer. ..well the answer is , retired Gen Muhammadu Buhari

    • @Jacob…. u even got it wrong…that was his name and title b4 the election…. After attaining the position of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it was made publicly to be referred to as PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI …So correct yourself

    • Yep you’re right president, sometimes we knew that but still refer to him with his military status. ..

  10. Nemesis of laying allegations on an innocent girl (chidinma)is catching up with them, and it will continue unless they go and asked God, her and her families for forgiveness. If not, next one will come with biggest embarrassment ever.#a word #is enough #for the #wise

  11. Fine babes with no brain, serious matter…they should all go back to school, a petty babe is suppose to be complete because beauty and brains goes together

  12. It’s a pity that they can give answers to such questions cos ordinary they should ave such knowledge soo sorry girls.


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