Entertainment News Miss Rivers beauty pageant contestant embarrasses herself during Q&A

Miss Rivers beauty pageant contestant embarrasses herself during Q&A


A beauty pageant contestant representing Emohua Local Government in Rivers state is currently trending across social media after she embarrassed herself during Miss Rivers state golden jubilee contest which held last night.

During the question and answer section, a question was asked which is better: an arranged marriage or a love marriage and she answered arranged marriage.

She went on to explain why she preferred arranged marriage and it’s one of the funniest things you will hear today…

“Why I preferred arranged marriage is that if you arrange your marriage….I preferred arranged marriage because if you arrange yourself before going into marriage definitely you’ll never face any trouble. And there will be nothing like problem. But if you don’t prepare before going into marriage, you find yourself being tired of the marriage due to the country now, you love somebody and you go into marriage and tomorrow you find out the marriage not being strong because you went to the marriage because of love” .

Watch the video after the cut…



  1. Chai….. Beauty without brains….. Slay Queens, they think looking like selfie stick is all it takes….

  2. Sry guys this is not to offend anybody here,neither am i trying to make a case for her..first of all let us try to find out her age..& secondly i felt her response is born out of the day to day stories she gets to hear about couples breaking up at every slighest offence..in addition to that,i also felt she misplaced the subject matter for people to be organised before delving into marriage..that for me might have been the rationale that may have probably beclouded her sense of a sound judgement..but my advice for her is to try & equip herself incase of any future examination..the bible said we should study to show ourself approve..


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