News Mistress Drugs Her Medical Doctor Lover, Steals His Car, Phone and Laptop

Mistress Drugs Her Medical Doctor Lover, Steals His Car, Phone and Laptop


The operatives of Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of the Lagos State Police Command, have arrested a lady in Agbor, Delta State, for drugging her man friend in a hotel in Ojodu, Lagos and carting away his car, laptop and mobile phone.

The lady, Mitchel Harrold, 37, from Warri, Delta State, was on Tuesday arrested after the operatives traced her through a car dealer in Lagos, whom she had engaged to help perfect import papers for the stolen car

It was learnt that the suspect had on Thursday, 19th January, 2017, together with her man friend, checked into the hotel, with the plan to spend the night. Harrold had, after settling down, gone to get a malt drink and yoghurt, while the man was taking his bath.

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He took the drink and slept off at 6:00 p.m, to wake up around 2:00 p.m, the following day, with his laptop, car and phone gone.

He said: “I am getting to know her for real now. She only gave me Aisha Ibrahim as her name.” Arrested alongside suspect, was Adesanya Gbenga, a generator repairer, whom she engaged to drive the stolen vehicle.

According to Gbenga Adesanya, “I was surprised to see her opening the gate of the hotel herself for me to drive out instead of the gateman. That wasn’t the first time I helped her take vehicles out of Lagos to Sapele. It was about the third time.

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First, it was a Toyota Camry “Big for Nothing”. The second one was an “End of Discussion” Honda Accord and thirdly, Volkswagen Passat, 2001 model.” Harrold told investigators that she met her man friend on Baddo.



  1. just look at the name, Baddo? what else do you expect from her, u better ThankGod she didn’t steal ya life

  2. IRONY OF LIFE The lawyer dey pray make u enter trouble Gasket/Coffin sellers dey pray make u die The Doctor dey pray make u sick But a thief will pray for ur prosperity… Just pray they don’t remember you after praying..

  3. Lol…. Dats gud. That means d name badoo react on your face… Doctor badoo. What type of doctor re you? Am sure a busy doctor won’t av time for badoo.. U must be a dentist doctor not medical

  4. When does a #doctor become a #patient?…when he enters badoo and falls in love with an oloshowho drugs him and steals his car,phone & laptop & he is admitted in his own hospital

  5. Mistress? That means they v been dating for long NA to earn that title. People meet online and marry. Not meet a sugar daddy or a thif. I bliv she has been doing it before now

  6. Man be very carefully ladies this day’s are something else they can do anything for money because of things of this wold

  7. It should just be sounded to people that social media in whatever form is the worst place to find a partner, short-term lovers, girlfriends etc. because the disadvantages outweight the advantages. It is the only avenue the fraudstars, dupers, 419 and the likes have to operate. I believe she must have killed many because she has no other way of fending for herself. Thank God for the sound immunity of the doctor that woke him up the following day from the drug.


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