General MMM Nigeria is back… They resume 24 hours ahead of schedule

MMM Nigeria is back… They resume 24 hours ahead of schedule


The question on everybody’s lips since last month was ‘Will MMM be back?’. Well we all have our answers as the MMM Nigeria Ponzi Scheme have announced their return just a day before they were scheduled to return

According to a statement issued by the official twitter account saying, ‘This is to officially inform you that  is open for business a day earlier than promised! Let’s go there Nigerians’.

They also released a statement on their websites.

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Read the full statement after the cut…



  1. IT’S FOR REAL.GET HELP NIGERIA IS NOT A SCAM.hurry up before you miss out.its a platform where by you provide help of #5,000 and you get help of #10,000 in just one week. all you need to do is just drop your number in the comment box and you get added to their what’sapp group,where you communicate with other members.

  2. Fuck all bloggers, shame to all media houses.. What a disappointment to y’all.. Great yr ahead.. Mmm all the way..

  3. I kind advice to all participants is to trade with care, this could be another trick again, withdraw your money ASAP.

  4. Pra……………..ise the lor………….d,pra!pra! Pra!pra!…………………………………….ise the lord,hallelujah.

    • Who died? If na ur person I want see the picture them say them say, if u nor join we nor beg u we are ok the way we are See ur beaten…. Bitten

    • lolz it’s bitten in dis proverb …Mrs English tutor…. incase u no knw sm had dia last card inside mmm n lost hope wen mmm was cut short….. you pple wey gv dia all for dat tin na u cum dey feed dem since

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  6. If na the other way round this place for don full with comment, bad belly people how e come be now?!

  7. MMM is real and they manager even said there is 100% chance you will get and 100% chance you will lose your money, it’s just like a game….. I will advise to start small or big and use interests to do again

    • Gabriel if you like make you no receive sense now o. MMM is back abi, log into your account and tell me if your mavro is still there?? I de wait for your answer. Have you read the new rules???MMM just crashed in case you dont no

    • MMM is back and i cant still GH …is any one here that already have his or her GH approved ?.. well .. i keep my fingers cross …Michael Okposon abeg wetin be the new rules abeg

    • Bros you no sabi read? Na me go tell you the new rules?? Go and get help already,dont procrastinate here

  8. MMM is aware that once people collect their money this time,Usain Bolt no go run reach them.I bet they will come up with operation 00,the final saga

  9. Against all odds MMM survived. My brother no man can limit you unless you let them…. Just believe in your abilities..


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