News Mother Finds Her Missing N90,000 After Wrongly Torturing Her Son To Death

Mother Finds Her Missing N90,000 After Wrongly Torturing Her Son To Death


For six hours, 19-year-old Rilwanu Akintunde was beaten, handcuffed and locked inside a teargased room for allegedly stealing N90,000, by his mother, Mrs. Akintunde, her brother Kayode and a policeman identified as Titus, TheNation reports.

Rilwanu alias Rado denied the allegations, but his attackers didn’t believe him. He later died on Sunday evening. His torturers secretly buried him at his mother’s site at Sotel, Oriola Street, Ibafo, Ogun State.

The youths in the area went berserk after discovering that the money, for which Rilwanu was tortured to death, was later found in his mother’s closet. They stormed Kayode’s residence; chased all the tenants away and vandalized his properties.

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Inscriptions such as “Rado was a good son born by a stupid mother” were seen on the walls of the building. Kayode and his police friend Titus have since fled the neighbourhood, while the deceased’s mother was arrested.

According to residents, Rilwanu’s killers might have had another motive for their action because the teenager was neither a thief nor troublesome. The deceased’s wife, Damilola Owoigbe, who had their 8-month-old son on her arms, demanded justice against his killers.

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  1. Chai, Rip bro. Ngwanu mother, i hope you are happy now with your discovery, i hope that 90,000 can become your son now.

  2. Heyy na she nd God oo, thats y its not good to accuse someone of wat u did nt see wit ur bear eyes

  3. That boy is not her son. She purposely killed the boy out of hatred or jealousy. I am very sure if the boy is her son she won’t kill him because of her false missing money. No sane mother does that. She is devil himself.

  4. Devil has used your head to play baba Ijebu and he won!!…#90,000 in exchange of your son life!.Ewwo!!

  5. even if ur son stole ur 90,0000 doesn’t guaranteed such beating no b person dey train him child finish for school still settle him for biz,I read this twice to confirm if d word mother was mistaken for father but I cant still believe dat a mother who gone through pains for 9 month can do such shame,am sure by now d devil dat warranted her to do dat is at one corner smoking by now

  6. What is #90,000 compare to someone’s life, your own son for that matter, may God help us, because the devil have really used this woman.

  7. Aaaah, somebody tell me to close my mouth… Are u sure is her son? What ll be her reaction after beaten him to death? Now that she has found her money I hope she ll be happy now… The husband must av dead if not, I can’t imagine what he ll do for d woman.

  8. I dnt think she is d biological mother of dat child if not she will no d pain she want through before giving birth to him and D stress it takes to rise up a child to dis age, she’s a big fool now she has lost billions of happiness for just 90,000,

  9. A mother???? Nahhh I don’t think you guys got d information right… wah kinda mother wud kill her child

  10. Ha this is pure wickedness, may God have mercy on that woman.she is not a mother because a mother can’t do such to her child.

  11. people can lie, even if its not her biological son,a mother that has gaven birth in her life b4 can not take a life for 90k jor,onless she is a blood sucker witch

  12. What can poverty not lead to in this land?? No wonder d Bible says, “d destruction of d poor, is their poverty”.

  13. she does not know her child,if a mother does not know what her child can do den she’s not worth being a mother

  14. na wa o sme parents r funny at times my dad once did dt too bt nt to d point of death sha o n he found it were he kept later n apologied to my bro. wt I will say is dt parents nid to b patient with their wards at times

  15. just 90k and u have d mind to kill u son. no no u re nt fit to be a mother can u imagine after all d labour and pain u went through while delivering.u get mind ooh

  16. Heeee nothing wey person no go hear oo will 90.000 bring dat son again impatient is bad oo wen people are doing all sorts of tins to hv a baby of their own what will she tell God and her people

  17. It’s not about 90 thousands this time. The boy in question might be a mischievous child He might have been a sorrow to his family. I don’t think his mum will do that assuming that was his first time! It is as a result of accumulated and previous anger that led to his death I pray we will not give birth to end time children amen God will also give parents enduring heart to endure whatsoever not minding the circumstances of things around us.

    • Sis pls think before you comment, the boy in question is an easy going person, even if he is a problem to the family is it by killing him will solve the problem.

    • She can do that to her child is written in her comments, wicked mother like you am sorry for your child. A saying that “the pikin no fin but em mama like am” is not for women like you who fit poison their husband if he misbehaves

    • Don’t blame her, shes still a child who just outgrown her age, maybe her brain is in her breast!

  18. My goodness, so even if it was her son that took the money, does it warrant a torture that led to death? Was she actually his mother? Hmm Nawa o

  19. If the boy has sibling then they must be foolish cuz me I go kill my mama for killing my brother because of 90k..

  20. nah wah..jus 90k…this woman if her hubby don die nah em be say nah she frustrate the man to death…e no die wen God call am at all…

  21. When we say mothers are the best,sweet mom and so on…..I wonder what to classify these woman as…..hmm..Rip guy.

  22. Sympathetic, God will sure judge all the people that has hand in your death. Thank God you have someone to carry on your name(your son), I pray for justice for your wife and son. RIP

  23. Someone that’s can produced more than a billion in future to the mom.God have mercy.even God almighty will not forgive her.God forbid for such a mother.

  24. Haaa.oya were ni?i dnt tink she s ok .may b sometin wrong wit her medulla oblangatha.

  25. may God have mercy on her,bcos of money she kill her own son.she is very wicked and very heartless.


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